1920’s Hair Style the Flapper Bob

Attractive woman wearing 1920s Flapper Bob Hair Style

Attractive woman wearing 1920s Flapper Bob Hair Style

Flapper Hair Style From 1920’s

Here is the step by step DIY how to’s on how to get this great looking bob hair style from the 1920’s era. A flapper hair style like this one is basically considered to be an all time classic. These sexy simple hairstyles never go out of style . . . as you can see, by this mannequin model, fashion in the 1920’s would look appropriate today in any modern shopping mall. To get the look just follow these simple super easy steps.

You Will Need

  • Sectioning clips
  • Heated rollers
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair band
  • Styling spray
  • Hair bungee

Hairdresser Putting Roller into center part of the Flapper Hair StyleFlapper Hair Step One

Make a center part and set hair onto heated rollers on either side of it. Place a circle of big rollers at the very top of the head, a circle of medium rollers just outside, and a circle of small rollers outside that.

Hairstylist Putting Rollers into Clients 1920's Flapper Hair StyleFlapper Hair Step Two

Take the hair in the middle of the back of the head out of the way. Tie it in a low ponytail, wrap the hair in the ponytail up into a small bun, and secure with bobby pins. Wait 15 minutes for the rollers to cool.

Hair Stylist removing rollers from clients 1920's flapper hair doFlapper Hair Step Three

Unroll the rollers, starting with the lower ones at the back before moving upward. Tuck the hair under and pin the curls into place as you unroll, using long bobby pins so you can insert the pin right into the barrel of the curl. Backcomb the roots before pinning. Work right round the head, unrolling a single layer of rollers.

Hairdresser putting finishing touches on clients 1920's hair bobFlapper Hair Step Four

Move onto the next layer of rollers, smoothing the hair over the layer below and pinning underneath to create a bob. Fold the roll of hair under the first row of rolls that you have made.

Hairstylist spraying hairspray onto finished 1920's fashion flapper hairstyleFlapper Hair Step Five

Move onto the top layer of rolls. Backcomb the roots for fullness as you remove the rollers. Dress the hair into place. Use hair spray to fix.

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