Hair Color Trends

Side by Side Haley Williams cherry red hair and Cheryl Cole's burgundy hair


Hot 2013 Hair Color Ideas

Like most of us, you are probably bored with the seasonal cycle of coloring hair from light to dark, from blonde to brunette or red to auburn. Since most people’s skin tones are darker during summer months they lighten up their locks for an over-all more radiant affect. But, once the autumn leaves start to fall and tans start to fade into a memory, hair colors often looks dull and faded as well. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case with tons of unique and exciting new hair color trends popping up for the season. Why not break the cycle this year and try one of these fascinating new hair color trends?


One of the hottest hair color trends right now is the perfect in-between “bronde” shade. Instead of heading straight for a dark brown hair color you can achieve a beautiful in-between shade that gives you a shiny, caramel hue with darker undertones. With bronde shades, you can’t quite determine whether they are blonde or brunette, but somehow they just seem to work in practically any season. Think of stars like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Gisele when looking for pictures of beautiful ‘bronde’ hair color to bring to your hair colorist. And, a big plus with this hair color is it makes transitioning your hair to a darker or lighter shade quite a bit easier.

 Britney Spears at Sept 2012 Music Awards - dip-dyed-hair

Dip Dyeing

Dip dyed hair is especially trendy right now and it can be easily achieved at home. You can use hair chalk to color the ends of your hair for a quick and easy change that can be washed out the same night. And, if you are ready to take the plunge, your hair stylist can use hair color for a more permanent result. Pastel shades and bright shades are both being used in this funky hair color fad. You can even use multiple colors to create a gradient effect on your ends.

Jessica Biel ombre hair color


Ombre hair color is still going strong and it is the perfect way to fight the winter brunette rut. Ombre hair color allows you to easily transition into a darker shade during the winter without giving up your summery blonde hair. You can can easily apply a darker semi-permanent color to your roots and blend them into your ends to create a perfect fall style that can easily go back to all-over blonde without the hassle.

Bright hair color trends are smoking!

Bright hair shades are so much fun for you daring types and there are plenty of ways that you can try out this trend without the commitment. Some of the most popular shades seen in these bright colors are pinks, blues, and purples. You can use temporary hair color to add a bright hue all over and simply wash it out the next day. Make sure that you are cautious about using temporary color in light, color treated hair as it may not wash out as easily.

Play around with these recent hair color trends to break out of the ordinary. The great thing about many of these new styles for 2013 is that they can easily transform into a darker or lighter shade if you find that you want to return to your normal look. No matter what technique or shade you try you are sure to look great this season! Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by  following  our Pinterest Hair Trends and,  Hair Coloring Ideas Boards.