The Hottest Summer 2014 Hairstyles for Women

2014 Hairstyles for Women

2014 Hairstyles for Women

2014 Hairstyles for Women are Trending Shorter

The steamy summer months are officially here! And while most welcome the opportunity to travel, hit the beach, or do things that they’ve dreamed of the whole year, the warm weather also gives cause to reconsider your hairstyle. Finding a hairstyle that will help you to not only cope with the high level temperatures, but look ultra stylish too, is a mission many women expllore this time of year. If you are still on the lookout for the best hairstyle to help deal with the hot weather, take a look here. Hollywood hairstylists and hair experts have come to an agreement – the shorter, the better!

Indeed, a lot of women are visiting their hair stylist to snip their long locks and opt for a bob, a lob, or even a pixie! The short hair trend has been riding the hair industry wave for a while now, and it looks like it won’t be stopping anytime soon. The balmy summer months give women the motive to change their hairstyle and chop off those locks.

2014 Hairstyles for WomenFashion-forward celebrities are paving the way for women to follow the short hair route. Top American fashion models such as Alexa Chung, and Karlie Kloss, are known for their signature bobs and lobs. However, most women who go to their hairstylist for the cut aren’t just doing it to follow the trend. Celebrity hairstylists have noted that short hair makes a lot of women feel liberated! When it comes to new hairstyles for women, there is something liberating about breaking out of the norm — for many, it feels like having a fresh new start.

Choosing the Cut

When cutting your hair short, it is all about finding the right haircut.  A Pixie, for instance, is adorable, but it’s not for everyone. The pixie cut is best reserved for women with heart, oval or square-shaped faces.  Add blunt or side swept bangs if you have a wide forehead, so it creates the illusion of a narrower forehead.

2014 Hairstyles for Women2014 Hairstyles for WomenIf you are not up to taking the super short hair route, then a lob is a good in-between choice. There’s a sleek, polished element to a lob that almost ensures it won’t go out of trend anytime soon. It also offers lots of variety; you can add soft waves, bangs, a side part, middle part,  Avoid the pyramid shape that often comes with a lob by adding some layering at the ends.

2014 Hairstyles for Women

Why Switch to Short Hair?

There is an added incentive for sporting shorter hair for summer, say celebrity hair stylists. Short haircuts, especially those above the shoulders, work on anyone. It is a good hairstyle to camouflage any features that you aren’t too proud to flaunt and would rather keep hidden. For example, if you have a wide forehead, you can add bangs or fringe of any sort. You can also experiment with different partings if you feel like you want more variety with the look. Those with a fuller shaped face can wear a longer bob to compliment their face shape.

In addition to more styling opportunities, projecting strength, confidence and independence is what drives a certain amount of women to hop on the short hair bandwagon this summer. Indeed, you can pull off a chic look with short hair whether you are wearing a plain old T-shirt and denim shorts, or an silky gown on sultry summer nights. Also, if you suffer from old, damaged ends from highlights, lowlights or ombre hair, cutting them off will do your hair good. Its good for women to change hairstyles periodically –  it keeps things fresh!

2014 Hairstyles for Women2014 Hairstyles for Women2014 Hairstyles for WomenAnother big plus about shortening your hair for summer months, is that you can rock the hairstyle without the fuss of too much styling. You can style it as much or as little as you want, depending on how much time you have in your hands. And depending on how you style it, you can go for a tomboy look one day, a funky look, or switch to a softer, more feminine style the next.

2014 hairstyles for women are fun and fabulous!  Do you see anything tempting you here?

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