5 Simple Hairstyling Tips for Afro-Caribbean Hair

Afro-Caribbean hair is the ultimate blessing, though like any hair types, it can equally feel like a curse. It’s a well-known fact that curly girls never quite know what their untamable hair is going to hand them in the morning, which is why you always need to have a couple of simple hairstyling tips for those pesky afro hair days. Why not try these easy hair styles and tips for your Afro-Caribbean hair?

1. Curly Top Knot

All you’ll need to do is tie your hair up into a top knot and let your hair’s natural curliness do its thing. It’s a really simple style to pull off and it looks great too. What might help to make this especially appealing is that it keeps your hair off your face – with summer coming, this will stop you from getting too hot. It also gives you a chance to show off your face more clearly which, trust me, looks great.

2. A Shorter Look

Something that’s becoming more popular recently is especially short hair styles. All you need to do is get cutting! You may want to try a complete buzz-cut look or you may want to have it a little longer. Either way, shorter hair is much easier to manage once you’ve got it and also very comfortable in hot weather!

3. A New Color

You know, sometimes you can give yourself a completely new look without restyling your hair. Yes, of course, I am talking about dying your hair. There are lots of nice variations out there. Why not try blonde? Who says black people can’t have blonde hair? You be you and wear the hairstyle you want to wear. Try a few different colours and find out what works best for you.

4. Try Out a Weave

If you try shorter hair and hate it, or don’t quite appreciate the color you’ve dyed your hair, then maybe you could try some natural hair extensions? They provide a very easy “undo button” on the off chance that one of your other experiments in unsuccessful. Or it could give you a chance to try more styles if your hair is currently already short.

5. Natural Hair

Why not let your hair grow out? The afro look is actually pretty great and you don’t really need to do that much to it. It can be especially good if you add a few highlights. It can be a great way of reflecting character and personality. Plus, the natural afro hairstyle has a certain stylish effortlessness to it.

So there’s five hairstyles that will transform your look with minimal effort and without breaking the bank. Why not add accessories to your usual hair styles or up-do to create the look you want and tame out-of-control flyaways? What hairstyle are you planning to try? Do you have any hair styling tips to share?

Contributing author Hollie Jones is a freelance writer and co-writer for lifestyle blog, Hollieandtheivy.com. She is cares a lot about crafts, weddings, hair and beauty and loves to write about these topics.