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Woman Applying Hair Dye to Her Hair at Home

Hair Dye is Not The Place For Hair Care Savings

The saddest part of my otherwise joyous job, is reading about the mess you can get in by trying hair coloring or any chemical treatment at home. Just don’t go there . . . when the urge comes, call a girlfriend and have her come over and tie you down until your innate wisdom returns.

A quick glance at the comments on my article Can I Get My Natural Hair Color back will help you understand my concerns . . . you folks go looking for advice after the fact, when there is no help that I can give except “seek out a professional hair colorist”. It’s particularly frustrating when I get a comment like the following :

Hello. I am trying to go back to my natural hair color. Naturally, I have dark ashy blonde hair, but I have been dying it red for over a year. In an effort to get rid of some of the red, I dyed my hair a more brown color, but it is much too dark. Do you have any suggestions on how I can lighten it without bleaching and redying? Going to a salon isn’t an option with my budget. 🙂 Thanks.


There are no good options

If going to a salon is not an option, then the only other real choice is to live with it until you can cut it all off. If I even remotely suggested that this be tried at home by an amateur, I would be performing professional malpractice. I have been a professional hair stylist for over thirty years and I wouldn’t try this at home, nor do I think any professional hair colorist would think of trying this at home.

If your funds are limited don’t experiment with you hair

Ladies, I plead with you . . . just don’t go there. If you are on a tight budget, leave your hair alone and wait for better times. You’re just making thing worse by trying this stuff on your own. This is a lose, lose proposition. But the best advice is to just hold off on any major hair experimentation until your financial situation improves. Just make simple short makeover moves that you know are not likely to turn into disasters. Hair coloring is certainly one of those treatments that you should hold up on.

Do not make decisions when you are in emotional turmoil

Many times financial difficulties will drain you of access to your innate wisdom and it can cause you to make some not so good decision. Paul Lynn wrote a great article on this very topic Emo Hair Styles of Another Kind.

There are some ways to reduce the cost and making it easier on the budget. A cosmetology school will typically save between 30% to 50% of the cost of a similar treatment in a traditional hair salon, so that probably would be my first recommendation. Go without lunch for a few days, take the bus rather than drive, pawn your record collection, just do whatever it takes to get yourself into the hands of a professional who can get this done right without doing any further damage to your already vulnerable hair condition.

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