Give Baby Fine Hair a Boost

Attractive Blonde Woman with Baby Fine Hair

Fine Hair Strategies

Fine hair can look limp if worn too long . . . unless you know a trick or two. Use these pro tricks to give fine hair some life. Blow-dry to add root lift at the crown and the natural rounds of your head. Then, roller-set ends to conceal sparseness and add fullness and volume. As hair grows longer, add long layers to make curly ends extra dynamic.

Woman with fine hair and medium length layered hair style with bangs Parting Gesture

This trick is an oldie but goodie. Part hair on the far side and it looks much thicker than it is. Blowy-dry for big volume, then direct the lighter side to curve forward or tuck it behind your ear. A faux bang makes hair look extra full and helps frame your face. In back, shorter layers can be flicked out for another stylish illusion.

Attractive Blonde woman with long straight fine thin hairStraight Fine Thin Advantage

There aren’t many longer hairstyles that are striking enough to pull it off with fine hair, but this one is the best. The thick, blunt cut bangs attracts attention, while flat-ironing showcases sleek shine. Last but not least, colored ends add sexy softness and a splash of highlights in it and creates a thickening effect.

Super Short Pixie Hair Cut on Fine Thin HairPixie Beautiful

Going super-short hides the fact that hair is fine and gives you an edgy look that’s intentionally light and airy. Soft sideburns and a curved, faux fringe soften the strong exterior lines. Just comb and go, and you’ll never have to worry about your hair’s fineness being a drawback again.

Fine Thin Hair cut in a bob with multi colored red high lightsColor Coated High Lights

Hair color coats strands, makĀ­ing them seem a tad thicker, but where hair color really comes into play is when you use more than one shade to add dimension. Here, bright red frames the hair cut, while darker shaded high lights add depth at the sides. Side-part hair and wear it in a sleek bob to show off a strong shape.

Thin Hair Medium Length Hair Cut with FringeFringe Benefit

A Feminine, near mid-length hair cut makes the hair more than the sum of its parts by using soft side layers and framing fringe. For extra volume, use a thickening mousse and blow-dry large sections with a paddle brush. Lift the crown straight back as you blow-dry the roots, then pull sections out to the side.