Beach Waves How To

Sexy Beach Waves How To

Sexy Beach Waves How To

Who says you can’t sport sexy, summery beach waves in the winter?  

Master hair stylist Raphael Reboh, of Femme Coiffure Hair Spa in Miami Beach, shares his tips on channeling his client Chrissy Teigen’s beachy wave.

BONUS: Wavy hair lasts longer in the winter, it is a no-fuss, heatless hair style that can last up to three days with these proper tips from Reboh:

  • Step One ~~ Start with clean, damp hair and use a light serum before blow-drying.
  • Step Two ~~ If your hair is naturally wavy, use a low-medium setting and scrunch the hair upward to assist in forming the shape. If your hair is coarse or straightened, blow dry the hair completely and use a frizz-fighting heat protectant.
  • Step Three ~~ Use a curling iron or curling wand on medium-to-high setting by sectioning the hair in 1 to 1.5 inch sections, wrapping the hair upward on the iron and holding in place for less than 3 seconds for thinner textures and 5 seconds for thicker textures.
  • Step Four ~~ Flip the hair upside down and mist a light holding spray while scrunching the hair upward.

How to Preserve Your Beachy Waves at Night

  • Mist the roots with a nourishing dry shampoo
  • Section the hair in 2 to 4 sections (depending on hair thickness)
  • Wind the hair in the direction of the wave pattern (should resemble a dreadlock)
  • Place one finger near the scalp (aiming no higher than the tip of your ear) and coil the hair tightly around by placing the knot as close to the scalp as possible
  • Tuck the tip of the hair under the knot
  • Secure with a few loose hair pins or for maximum hold, use a ponytail holder
  • Repeat the steps until all of the hair is knotted and secured
  • Sleep with a silk bonnet or silk pillowcase to prevent frizz and friction

The Morning After

  • Shower first and remove air dampness to prevent flattening the hair
  • Remove hairpins and holders
  • Lightly tousle the rolled hair downward to recreate your preferred style
  • Lightly finger comb the hair to separate sections
  • If you sweat in your sleep, add a quick mist of dry shampoo to the roots

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