Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

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Best Haircuts for Curly Hair Don’t Get Better Than These

Finding the best haircuts for your naturally curly hair can be daunting. Curly hair strands won’t be styled into submission and they often pose difficulty when trying to keep frizz at bay. However, this doesn’t mean that your options are few, on the contrary; there are plenty of gorgeous hairstyles for curly haired girls that make those without, green with envy.

Celebrities give rise and inspiration to some of the best curly haircut trends we’ve seen. Of course, each head of curly hair holds its own unique possibilities, so let these looks be motivation for creating your own exceptional style.

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Pixie hairCut

Whoever said that short haircuts won’t work with curly hair, obviously has not seen a curly haired woman sport a pixie. Take Halle Berry or Keri Russell for example, their cropped do’s make for a feminine, edgy looks. The pixie haircut is forgiving, so you can rock this look without worrying about whether the strands are behaving all that well. The look is low-maintenance and can be changed up with a little bit of imagination and a touch of gel or pomade and a curling iron for short hair is a must.


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Curly Beveled Bob

This beveled bob haircut is perfect for women with natural curls because the texture holds the shape and it can easily be worked to naturally create a sense of chaos!  Some curls will only require a healthy hair care routine to get this look while others may need just a touch of a curling iron to the top layers to add shine and definition. Either way, this hairstyle is a home run for those with with natural curls!


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Shoulder Length Layered Haircut

A sultry, shoulder-grazing layered haircut is not only for women with straight and wavy hair, curly hair types wear it particularly well, thank you. Well defined spiral curls is what makes this haircut stunning and uniquely feminine.


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Long Voluminous Waves

A head of hair with both length and voluminous waves, is most highly coveted. Most hair types lack the texture to hold curling efforts for very long at this length of hair. But curly girls can rock this hairstyle hands-down. This layered haircut emphasizes the softness of the hair and looks so very feminine. For those with fine hair texture try some dimensional hair color with face framing highlights for added spark and fullness.

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Natural Curls

When we’re talking natural curls it’s not the same as the afro of the 70’s. Natural curl hairstyles embrace all the unique possibilities Afro-American women have with styling their curls “naturally.”  Take inspiration from how Solange Knowles has styled her naturally curly hair with this look. More and more women are exhibiting a certain boldness and fieriness in their persona by going “natural” and loving it!


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Tight Spiral Curls

Taylor Swift gives her long layered hair more twist and shine with the help of a curling wand. This is close to curly hair’s natural look but the wand makes curls more exact and consistent, and closes the cuticle, hence added shine.

For your best looks, always keep your curls well hydrated. Condition, condition, condition, and apply your favorite oil for extra added shine!

Do you have naturally curly hair? What would you say are the best haircuts for curly hair to sport in 2014?

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