The Bob Hair Style Part II

Attractive woman wearing a layered bob hair cut

The Layered Bob

More Classic Bob Hair Styles

We start off Part II of our three-part series on classic bob hair styles with the layered bob. A fringe this soft that’s blended to the rounded sides is just right for most anyone, except those with a very disproportional face shape. As for hair type, you may not get all this volume with fine locks unless you’re willing to blow dry your hair daily, plus it has more layers than fine hair can take. Of course, try something else if you’re a curly girl.

Layered Razor Cut Bob

Uneven Razor Cut Layered Bob

Both sexy and carefree, this hair cut works if you have medium to dense straight hair; otherwise, longer ends will look too sparse and sloppy. Side sections show off great cheekbones, too. But if you have a square jaw line, this bob will only emphasize it.

The Short Crop Bob

The Short Cropped Bob

For a cropped bob hybrid, nothing beats a short, rounded shape that’s subtly angled on the sides. The back gives you a little more length that frames your face. Add dramatic caramel lowlights, and it enhances shiny straight strands. Skip it if your hair is curly or you have a less-than flattering neckline.

Short Bob with Bangs

The Short Bob with Bangs

The rule of thumb for this hair style: The shorter you go, the closer to the ideal oval your face shape should be. Perfect for petite faces that would get lost with lots of hair, it uses a short fringe to avoid interference when you wear glasses. Hair should be straight to “bodified” to make your morning routine easy.

For more great bobs check out our Pinterest Bob Hairstyles Board. Second in a three-part episode . . . stand by for Part III