The Bob Hair Style Part I

Attractive Brunette with a short bob hair style

Looking to Go Short . . . Try One of These Classic Bob Hair Styles

According to Wikipedia bobbed hair first became fashionable by our great grand mothers the “Flappers” of the 1920’s and ever since has been turning heads. With so many new and exciting options, here’s how to pick your perfect fit.

The Inverted Bob

If you have a wide or round face shape, this is jut the look you want. The sides move forward to slim full cheeks without a lot of fuss. However, if you have a broad forehead or an irregular front hairline, add long bangs, and the look should be avoided if you have a heart or pear-shaped face.

A Bob Hair Cut with Bangs

You’d think anyone could sport this sweet little blunt cut that’s practically comb-and-go. Not so! The front frame is too sharp for a squared jaw line and the hair cut’s too smooth for hair with even a hint of wave . . . unless you want to be a slave to straightening. If you have a long or pointy chin, skip it or grow it longer.

The Angled Bob

Rounded in back and angled in front, this bob minimizes almost any flaw depending on how you style it. Wear it forward for a slimming effect and add volume at the crown to make fine hair look fuller. Snipped to the jaw line, it even helps camouflage a square jaw or pointed chin.

For more great bobs check out our Pinterest Bob Hairstyles Board. First in a three-part episode . . . stand by for Part II