The Bob Hair Style Part III

Geometric short bob haircut

Final in The Three Part Bob Hair Series

We start off Part III of our three-part series on classic bob hair styles with a medium bob hairstyle with fragmented edging. This softened blunt is just about right for anyone who has a proportional forehead and no need for bangs. Still, the sides and faux fringe act as a soft frame. Angle the heavy side forward or back, but keep the line simple to support softness. It’s also a great look for fine hair.

Geometric Short Bob Haircut

Unless you’re ready to get a straightening service, this cut will be hard for curly girls to style. But if your hair is smooth, go straight for this bob, which uses strong geometries to keep hair in shape. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to get regular trims. Then, all you have to do is use a round brush to blow-dry.

Quiff Styled Short Bob Hair

Great for adding volume to fine hair, this blown-back snip is curved at the sides and tapered on the ends to tuck right behind your ears. Because it shows off so much, skip it if you have a really disproportional face. Add a little gel, and it can even accommodate a front cowlick!

Bob Hairstyle with Faux Bangs

No question about it: You must have thick, dense but not coarseĀ hair to pull off this hair style. The trick is in getting the faux fringe to stay sideways, which demands daily blow drying and hair that’s not so coarse it won’t stay in place. Graduated ends stack up for a full finish when you turn them under.

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