8 Creative ideas for Bobby Pins and Hair Pins

DIY How to Ideas to Bobby Pins and Hair Pins Looks Worth Stealing

Bobby pins and hair pins are among the most basic and commonly used accessories for hair styling. It has proven to be handy time and again, especially when dealing with minor touches that help complete your look. However, bobby pins are often relegated as just that – small items that do so much but they rarely get attention. But you can certainly make more use out of your bobby pins to don more creative hairstyles. Here are fun ideas that you can try with bobby pins the next time you want to use them.

Bobby Pins and Hair Pins

Using Bobby Pins for Styling

Pouf Hairstyle with Bobby Pins and Hair Pins
The pouf, among some other retro hairstyles, made a return in the last two years. Even though poufs had earned a bad rap with the show ‘Jersey Shore’, it is still quite popular amongst women who love to sport retro hairstyles. If you do not have naturally voluminous hair, you can use hair pins to fake pouf and hold that style. You can try it with long or short hair – with bobby pins, it is easy to achieve that look. You can also opt for a subtle look or go all-out just like Snooki’s hairstyle.

Another creative way to use bobby pins is to pull back your bangs. You can let your creativity take over here as you can style it straight across or opt for a side swept look. This is an excellent trick when you are growing out your bangs so it does not end up covering your eye and face. By pinning back your bangs, it enables you to create a whole new look without visiting the salon.

With Bobby Pins and Hair Pins
If a romantic side swept style is what you’re after, then hair pins are your best friends! Select a specific side of your face where you want to sweep back hair. Then, secure it into place with a bobby pin (or two!). This is a lovely trick to highlight your facial profile or make your jawline seem more prominent. Why hide your face when you can flaunt those assets?

For women feeling ultra creative, you can try a messy look with braids or tucking up a ponytail. Gather the section of hair you want to put into a ponytail or braid, then leave out the loose ends and tuck them in with a bobby pin. This is a creative way to recreate a slightly undone look to your hairstyle.

Creating Fun Designs with Bobby Pins

Hair pins are not just a gateway to creating beautiful hairstyles. You can use them to become a centerpiece of your hairstyle! Whip up some creativity and a few tools in order to recreate these fun, creative ideas.

Bobby Pins and Hair Pins

One of the more popular uses for bobby pins is to form them into chevron stripes. This particular style works best when you are donning a low side bun. However, feel free to use it with any hairstyle you desire. To create the chevron bobby pin style, simply slide one bobby pin onto your hair at an angle. Then, slide another one following the same angle as the first one. Continue doing this with the rest of the bobby pins at the same side. At this point, you must place the hair pins in the opposing side of the hair, still working at an angle. Five chevron bobby pins should be enough to make it noticeable on your hair but feel free to add more if you think that would create a more dramatic look.

Bobby Pins and Hair Pins

Speaking of dramatic effect, painted bobby pins will surely give your hairstyle the attention it deserves. This is a very simple trick and might require even a nail polish to color the pins. To start painting, slide the hair pins into a piece of paper or cardboard. Line them together in such a way that there is space in between each piece. Then, slowly start painting the pins with the nail polish and wait for it to dry. Use the newly painted pins as you would or try it using the hair styling tricks above.

Glitter Hair Pins

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If you want to add a dose of glam into your hairstyle, why not try glitter pins? You can do this by adding solid colors or a variety of colors into each pin. Then, finish off with a sprinkle of glitters. Silver and gold are two of the most famous choices for glitters to create that sparkly touch into your hairstyle.

Which of these fun ideas have you tried with bobby pins?

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