A Makeover for the Bride

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Bridal Makeover

A Brides Beauty Both Inside and Out

I have been a hairdresser for 50 years. When I went to hairdressing school we learned all the things that now are separated into different specialties. I was taught to use stage make up as well as make up artistry in hairdressing school, and this one day I was so very glad I had those skills.

Natalie timidly entered our salon. Her face covered and her head lowered. In her hand was a wedding veil. Almost in a whisper, she said. “Today is my wedding day can someone do my hair?”

“Absolutely, do you have a regular stylist?”

“No I have never been here before.”

“I am Chris, and I will be pleased to help you ok?” I reached for her veil.

She nodded yes, and she followed me to the shampoo room. As she sat in the chair I began to remove the scarf covering her face, she flinched. I said softly, “Natalie I need to wash your hair so you need to remove this ok?” She took my hand and pulled me closer to her. “I am afraid someone will see my face. I was severely burned a couple years ago and I have a lot of scars. People stare.”

“Natalie we have a back room where we have a couple sinks and chairs we use only when we get very busy, how about if we go there?” That seemed to put her at ease a bit.

I wanted to cry when I saw the scars. She had no eyelashes, almost no eyebrows. Part of her lip was nothing but scar tissue. Her hairline was hairless on one side. I knew better than to react, so I set her hair and put her under the dryer. While she was drying, I called my ex-teacher at the school and asked to borrow their stage makeup kit. I had a plan and needed the kit. My teacher was very excited about my plan.

I set everything up for when Natalie was ready for her comb-out. When I sat her at my station she saw all the items laid out. “What is that for?” she asked.

“Natalie if you will trust me, I think I can help make some of those scars not so noticeable. I can make you pretty for your wedding day.” She started to cry and said.” You can try.”

With her back to the mirror, I applied the makeup foundation, blending out the scars and removing the angry red marks. I drew on her eyebrows, then her lower eyelashes, one at a time. As she had no upper eyelashes, I glued individual ones in place. I was able to give her lips shape with a lip liner. I used a lip stain that would last all day. And, I used finishing powder after each and every step making sure everything was set.

I suggested a partial hairpiece to give her bangs, filling in the bald spot at her hairline. Seeing the transformation made me teary and I could feel a lump in my throat. I had to make sure I kept my excitement to myself for just a few more minutes. I finished by placing her veil on her head and attaching it securely. I gently grabbed her hand as she went to pull her veil over her face and I turned her to face the mirror. She gasped as she whisper.” I am beautiful, Oh God I am beautiful.”

“Yes my friend you are.” I received a wedding picture of her walking down the aisle, her head held high and all smiles. With it, a thank you note.

Author Christine Hannon
Guest author Christine Hannon has been a professional hairdresser for 50 of her 67 years. At sixteen, she started her career that included hairdressing, makeup artistry and modeling. Then suddenly at the age of twenty three her life was immeasurably changed due to a drunk driver. Her career as she knew and loved it was changed forever. Working in a salon until it was no longer physically possible she then worked from home. Her book A Hairdresser’s Diary shares many amazing stories on her journey. Her blog will give you much insight into her incredible life.

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