7 Swoon-Worthy Bridesmaid Hairstyles

2012 Holiday Hairstyle the Poufy Bun

Low elegant chignon with loops of intertwined hair and white rose

 Punch Up Your Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Getting together with your bridesmaids to talk ‘hair’ can be as fun and memorable as any slumber parties you had, but in a grown-up kind of way! Picking out hairstyles for your bridesmaids should be on your bridal ‘to-do’ list. Whether you’re planning a casual or a classic affair, having a plan with your bridesmaids about their hairstyles is important and it’s helpful for everyone to know what to expect.

Seeing that the brides hair should trump all others (and should not be out-done by any other person in range that day) it’s a good idea to discuss with the girls how your planning to wear your hair and go from there. Will your style be classic elegance, casual barefoot on the beach look or maybe somewhere in-between?

Scheduling your own in-house hair stylists for the day is a new bridal hair trend that is becoming a popular service for brides and her bridesmaids. My niece had this done for her wedding and all the girls (6 or 8 of them) said it was THE part of the day that set the tone for making the rest of the day more relaxed, fun and enjoyable . . . and on top of it, they all looked drop dead gorgeous!! Check out more about Bridal Hairstyles in the Comfort of Your Home for this fabulous way to set the tone for the day.

Here are just a few bridesmaid hairstyle ideas you can bring to your hen party and to swoon-over. Get in-the-mood by cracking a bottle of champagne and add a splash of Chambord with a strawberry in the bottom of the glass . . . it’s a crowd pleaser! And who knows, you might create the perfect bridesmaid hairstyles right then and there!

short hair bridal updo

bridal short hair style with three headbands and flower


Short Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

A low updo with whimsical strands framing the face is ideal for shorter hair. This style is simple and elegant and has a somewhat vintage vibe to it. By pinning ribbons into the style, it can look shabby chic or classy. The dress will set the tone. Incorporate bridal hair pins in the back for a splash of style. Bridesmaid hairstyles for short hair shouldn’t need a lot of work. Bridesmaids with short hair can dress it up simply with the right headband or clips to pull the hair off their face. Bridesmaids can also wear matching bridal hair accessories which will create a sense of unity.

Carrie Underwoods elegant low side-swept chignon updo

Messy side buns can be elegant or casual depending what they are paired with and are perfect for medium and long length hair. Carrie Underwood is my favorite “It’ girl for fabulous looking updos and other variety of hairstyles. This style is incredibly easy to create and can be worn with any hair texture. Blow-dry hair using a texturizing product. Create lift and volume at the roots by flipping hair upside down and directing heat at the roots till dry. Smooth hair by drying with a large round brush. Use a curling iron to touch up ends, bangs and face framing pieces. Gather hair into a low side bun, twist and pin, letting a few pieces flip out. Finish with a light spray.

Leona Lewis elegant french braid into fishtail braid at Cannes Film Festival 2012

Braids also make a great bridesmaid hairstyle for medium and long length hair. Fishtail braids are becoming increasingly popular and they look great on longer hairstyles. Leona Lewis wears this elegant french braid turned into a fishtail braid and it’s an eye-catcher. Braids can have a somewhat messy texture and still look great and they are incredibly easy to create.

Bridesmaids will not only look sweet in this swept up french braid with soft wisps around their face, but this style will effortlessly stay in place from the ceremony to long after the dancing. There are so many different types of braids now, they are only limited by the hair stylists who create them. If you haven’t heard of a new trendy braid bar near you, Google it and see what comes up in your area. Some salons have specialized hair stylists who do nothing but braiding . . . they would be great to consult with and have a go at a new braid style or two.

Kourtney Kardashian at 2011 Peoples Choice Awards long romantic waves

Romantic waves are an easy, modern look for longer hair. Long loose waves are easy to create and they look great on practically everyone. Wash and blow dry hair smooth with a round brush and a volumizing product. Set your hair on rollers, spray thoroughly, let the hair down, and shake the curls loose. There are several things you can do to make the style bridesmaid- worthy, such as adding hair crystals or flower petals throughout the waves.

Keeping your bridesmaids hairstyles simple, easy and something they will feel comfortable wearing is a good rule of thumb to go by when choosing what hairstyles to wear. Also, hairstyles that will hold throughout the day into evening is important as well. Although you want your girls to look their best, avoid anything that is too showy or that distracts from your beautiful appearance on your big day!

For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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