Secrets to Sexy Brown Hair Color

Attractive Woman with Red Brown Hair Color

Attractive Woman with Red Brown Hair Color

Tips to Keep Brown Hair Color Exciting!

Brown hair color is the sexiest hair color trend these days! But it’s not the plain old brown but rather the multi-dimensional, rich variations of brown tones that has made it so popular. That should be good news to so many of you with natural brown hair who are looking to add some pizzazz to whatever shade of brown you have!

Adding multiple hues of color is less damaging to your hair than an over-all lightning which entails stripping out more of your natural hair color. Now professional hair colorists are placing multiple hues of brown hair high lights in face framing layers to brighten brown hair and make it pop!

Reddish Brown hair colors with names that evoke one’s appetite like: chocolate, mocha, cappuccino, golden honey and caramel are what you’ll most likely be adding to enhance your hair styles this year!

Now that you paid good money to get a beautiful hair color, how can you protect it from fading?

  • Use shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. Try one with an SPF factor.
  • Shampooing strips out hair color so shampoo less often but enough to keep your hair looking clean.
  • Use tepid water and not hot water when shampooing
  • For long hair, cover mid-shaft and ends with conditioner before shampooing. Just squeeze suds through at the end when needed.
  • Wear hats to protect your hair and scalp from too much sun.

Besides these tips on how to keep your hair color bright, you may want to try some of these hair color enhancing products that are getting high ratings! By using these at-home products periodically in-between hairdresser appointments, you can reduce fading and enhance depth and shine of your hair color.

Aveda Brown Hair Color Enhancer Bottle

Brown Hair Color Enhancer – Aveda has reinvented its first-developed product of this kind of some 30 year ago, The Vintage Clove Shampoo inspired by the original Clove Pure Plant Shampoo. “The Clove Shampoo has a blend of certified organic lemon, certified organic ylang- ylang, certified organic black pepper and other pure flower and plant Essences. It gently cleanses brown hair or hair with warm honey tones; the certified organic clove and coffee enhance brunette shades.”


Sexy Hair Color Me Sexy Shampoo Bottle

Brown Hair Color Enhancer – Sexy Hair Color Me Sexy Shampoos – This new line of hair color enhancing shampoos from Sexy Hair, gently deposit color during cleansing. Color Me Sexy is formulated to help support your hair color and keep it vibrant and luminous. To enhance brown hair shades try; chocolate kiss, crème caramel, or violet mood. Shampoos are available for reddish-brown hair color  and light brown hair colors as well in these shades;

  • Violet Mood: Neutralizes warm tones in blonde, light brown hair or gray hair.
  • Honey Pot: Enhances golden tones in blonde hair.
  • Fabulous Red: Enhances cool red tones in dark reddish-brown hair.
  • Chocolate Kiss: Neutralizes red or brassy tones in dark brown hair.
  • Copper Penny: For red-golden tones in strawberry blonde and light brown hair colors.
  • Crème Carmel: Neutralizes copper and orange tones in light brown hair.
  • Autumn Harvest: Enhances natural tones in light blonde hair.

 Attractive woman with long brown hair

Brown Hair Color Glosser and Shine Booster. This brown hair color booster is an easy to use hair color reviving product that adds both color and shine to hair. I’ve used this product and have found that it takes a few times for it to build color on the hair. That’s ok with me; I would prefer it this way as to having it be too dark or harsh. I can’t attest to how it covers gray hair as I rely on a permanent hair color for that, but I imagine if you used it often and had just a bit of gray hair, it will stain it. Here’s what to expect;

  • A gel-crème formula you can apply in the shower
  • Boosts shine with a high gloss finish and revives color
  • Gentle formula, no ammonia or peroxide
  • Will not lift or lighten hair color
  • For all shades of natural, color-treated or high lighted brown hair
  • Contains mild cosmetic dyes and shine boosters which subtly blend away grays

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