How Often Should I Change Hairstyles?

Stylist consultation about changing hairstyles

What Every Woman Ought to Know Before You Change Hairstyles

As women we are often accused of being emotional beings. We change our minds all the time and we also like to update our look frequently, often based on our emotions. Whether this is true for most women or not, hair care experts recommend that you change your haircut or hairstyle according to the prevailing trends. But it is also important to stop and assess whether you are changing hairstyles too often. Do you go to the salon every month? Have you had your hair cut in less than six months? Do you always get a new hue?

On the flip side, there are also women who can go for several years without changing their haircut or hair color. It could be that they are scared to experiment and so they decide to stick with what they are used to.

No matter what your hair styling routine might be, you need to learn what hairstyling experts think is the standard when it comes to changing hairstyles. Learn a few pointers, too, so you can assess your own hair care and styling habits. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:
Stylist consultation about changing hairstylesHow long have you had the same hairstyle?

In case you haven’t made any changes to your hairstyle for at least two years, it is time to re-consider going to the salon and having it cut. If you like to stick with a certain length, there is no need to be too drastic when it comes to revamping your hairstyle. You can always stay close to your comfort zone. But it is important that you do some alteration to your hairstyle when it has been more than two years.

In case you can’t remember when the last time you had your hair done, you need to see your hair stylist as soon as possible. You can do your own research on your preferred hairstyles. Then, you can tell your stylist about it because they will ultimately assess what hairstyle works best for you. Getting regular trim or haircut is also beneficial for your hair health so you need to invest time and money for it.
Change Hairstyle Before and After
Do you like your current hairstyle? What does it say about you?

Every one of us is unique. Some like a particular hairstyle even though it might not coincide with the latest trends in the industry. It is completely acceptable if you prefer not to change your hairstyle if you like it that much. However, you need to evaluate yourself as well.

How does your hairstyle, make you feel? If you feel good about it and it gives you confidence, then stick with it. But if you are no longer happy, it is time to change things up. It is also important to evaluate what you do and how your hairstyle will reflect your personality. Hair is a crucial aspect of projecting an image so you need to be consistent with your choices.

Hairstylist advice about hairstyle changeWhat do others say about your hairstyle?

Aside from taking yourself into consideration, experts also recommend listening in to what others say about your hairstyle. This does not mean that you should try to please everybody else and forsake your own personal taste. However, it is connected to the pointer above, wherein you need to think about your self-image and how hair plays a big role in that.

You can ask your friends or family members about what they think of your hairstyle. Do they think it suits you? Or do they want you to try something else? Take each comment with a grain of salt. Use this as an opportunity to assess if you need to change your hairstyle.

Time to Change HairstylesDo you feel the hairstyle is outdated?

If your hair reminds other people of a certain time period, you need to be worried. It might be time to change your hairstyle! For instance, if you are sporting a mullet, it is time to trim it because the haircut brings people back to the 80’s. You can look up magazines or look to your favorite celebrities for ideas on the latest haircuts or hairstyles to try. But make sure you do not get stuck in the olden days trying to hold on to your hairstyle.

At the same time, do not be too ambitious and aim for hairstyles that you’ve seen on a celebrity without considering if it will look good on you. Take into account your own personality and lifestyle, as well as natural hair texture, to help you decide.

A consideration for a hairstyle changeThere is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to how often you need to change your hairstyle. In the end, the decision is yours. However, you need to take into account two important factors when determining the frequency. The first factor is the health of your hair. You might be tempted to try on a new color regularly, but you need to consider its impact on your strands. Make sure you are not sacrificing the health of your hair by exposing them to harsh color chemicals just to keep up with the trends.

Meanwhile, you also need to consider your self-image. You do not want people to think that you are stuck in the 80’s or 90’s era because you are too stubborn to change hairstyles. You do not want to look the same as you did way back in high school! Strive for balance. You are the sole judge of this. After all, it’s your hair!

How often do you change hairstyles?

Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
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