Chlorine and Hair; Not a Good Mix

Chlorine and hair

Here are Some Tips to Mitigate Chlorine and Hair Issues

It’s summer time again and that means millions of kids are out of school and searching for something fun to do. Most parents would agree that the majority of their kids will always choose to be in a pool morning, noon and night, putting chlorine in hair hours on end. But how do you keep your child’s hair from always smelling like chlorine when you have a son or daughter who’s so close to sprouting their own fins? We have a solution for you, right here!

Chlorine and Hair

To start, take one scoop of vitamin C powder and put it in a bowl.

Chlorine and hair

Next, take your shampoo (in this instance, we are using Deva Curl Low Poo) and add it to the vitamin C powder.

Chlorine and hair

Next thing we do, add water to complete the mixture and then work it into the hair like we would for a regular washing. If you have kids who are always in the pool, do this every two or three days to keep the chlorine from being damaging to the hair. If you try this and the vitamin C powder doesn’t seem to help, try the same mixture with baking soda instead. That should give you the same result.

We love for our kids to have a blast during the summer but we don’t always want the chlorine and hair smells that sometimes come with it. Hopefully, this little trick will help you to eliminate that chlorine smell from their hair so that it won’t seem like you never left the pool. Of course, this little mixture isn’t just for kids, it works great for adults too! It’s quick, easy and gets you back out there to spend time with your family because, after all, isn’t that the most important thing! Happy swimming!

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