Dip Dye Hair Color Tutorial

Dip Dye Hair Color

Dip Dye Hair Color

Dip Dye Hair Color Made Simple

Dip dyed hair color is one of the hottest trends right now. It is a playful take on hair dyeing which tends to lean on pastels and bright hues. If you are a fan of getting colorful streaks and highlights on your hair, it is all but normal to try your hands out on dip dyes too. A dip dye comes with a gradient effect that makes the tips more faded in hue than the hair close to the roots.

It is a trend that continues to grow by the day so don’t be left out! Read on for a step by step tutorial:

Dip Dye Hair ColorWhat You Need

The key to a beautifully dip dyed hair is in using the right tools for the job. Before you get started, make sure to gather the following supplies to do your own dip dye:

• Highlighting kit
• Brush
• Comb (preferably with a fine edge)
• Aluminum foil
• Timer or watch
• Color treatment shampoo and conditioner

Dip Dye Hair Color

Dip Dye Tutorial

Once you have all the supplies needed for dip dyeing your hair, you are now ready to begin:

Step 1:

Choose an area where you intend to do your dyeing in. Ideally, you need to have a sink or shower close by so you can easily wash up as things can get quickly messy. Use a waterproof poncho as you are dyeing hair to keep from staining your clothes. If you do not have one, you can try wrapping a towel around the neck area. Use latex gloves for easier handling on dye products.

Step 2:

Check the instructions on the highlighting or at-home dye kit you had purchased. This will vary from one product to another so it pays to look at the specific instructions for each. Thoroughly mix the dye, too, prior to applying it onto the hair.

Dip Dye Hair Color

Step 3:

Fold an aluminum foil and place the tips of the hair that you intend to dye with on top of the foil. Use a brush to apply the dye mixture onto the tips and then fold the hair inside the aluminum foil, as though you are wrapping it close. Use a rubber band to secure the hair inside the foil. Do the same thing for the rest of your hair. Make sure to check the hair dye kit for instructions as to how long you should leave the mixture on the hair before removing it. Stick to that recommended time so the dye will stick and to avoid damage on your hair (if you leave it on for too long).

Step 4:

It is important to check up on your hair color every once in a while. You want a gradient effect so over-bleaching is a no-no.

Step 5:

When the time period is up, remove the hair from the aluminum foil and rinse it. For women with naturally darker hair, you can opt to repeat the process in order to get a lighter dye. But make sure that you start the entire process all over again for maximum results. You can now style your hair as you like!

Dip Dye Hair Color

Aftercare Tips

Getting a dip dye can make your hair vulnerable to damage. Hence, it is a must to give it proper post-treatment care if you do not want to pay the price of hopping on this hair trend.

Invest in shampoos and conditioners intended for color-treated or bleached hair. A weekly deep conditioning treatment is also recommended to maintain luster and vitality. When choosing hair care products make sure to look for ones with strengthening and moisturizing agents to provided added support to hair and prevent damage.

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