The Guide to Disguising Roots

Disguising Roots

Disguising Roots

Dark Roots Showing?? Here are some quick fixes

OK, we’ve all been there . . . the Purgatory that is the time between salon visits to get your roots touched up. Maybe it’s lack of time, or maybe your budget is crying foul, but there are some tricks to hide your roots until you can plunk yourself down in the hairdresser’s chair and turn your unsightly roots over to a professional.

The Zig Zag Part

If you are short on time, a quick way to mix it up and look on trend is to create a zig-zag part in your hair. Easier done than said, take the tip of a comb and draw a zig-zag along your part and then finger part your hair to either side. The result is a flirty and slightly edgy look, that blends dark roots with lighter hair in a very sophisticated way.

Staying on the zig-zag theme, and a slightly quicker tool, the zig-zag headbands give you a quick lift that offers a chunky stripe look to your hair, as if you opted for bold color blocked highlights.


If your re-growth is making you nuts and you want a quick fix, try a hair mascara or spray-on root concealer. Available at major beauty supply stores, these daily fixes can tide you over until you can get to the salon. Choose a color that matches your dyed hair, not your roots (obviously!) and cover away. Keep in mind that mascaras and spray solutions tend to be heavily pigmented, so start with a light touch and work your way up. Spray-on solutions can take a bit of practice to get it right, so you may want to start with a small area to get the hang of things.

If you have blond hair, baby powder is a wonderful quick fix for root camouflage. And if your hair is darker, dip into your makeup bag for an eye shadow or powder brow filler that resembles your hue. Using short strokes with a shadow or eyebrow brush, gently brush the powder onto your roots at the part line.

Root Concealer

Several major brands (like L’Oreal) offer brush on root concealer in bother permanent and semi-permanent dyes. It’s generally best to select a color one shade lighter and more neutral than what you are trying to achieve, to allow for a more natural look when you’re done.

The Headband


Headbands and scarves are a girl with regrowth’s best friend, so take this opportunity to get a bit playful with your style, and make your headband, not your roots, the focal point of your hairstyle.

The best advice to extending your color between visits is to go a few days between shampoos, use a gentle product that is formulated for colored hair, and of course to stay away from sun, salt and chlorine. And in pinch, keep a few emergency root concealer products in your beauty cabinet!