Static Dry Hair: End The Battle

Dry Hair

Get the Upper Hand on Static Dry Hair

Sweater weather has returned and with it, it’s pesky friend static – our hair’s arch enemy. Before you head out to your nearest department store to invest in hoodies and fedora’s, I have some information that will help you keep static, dry hair at bay, and also bring back strength and softness to your lovely tresses.

With the winter season upon us, our hair and skin tends to become dryer. Also, a major factor in the dry state of our hair is the lack of attention our hair gets during the summer months. Between the BBQ’s, the trips to the beach, the dips in the pool and the lounging in the sun, the needs of our hair tend to fall to the wayside . . . or up into a ponytail. So, first things first. We gotta get your dry hair some moisture.

Moisture will help the strength and elasticity of your hair while reducing static. There are many awesome products on the market. The following products are ones I am familiar with and have seen great results with from my customers and other salon clients. These gems are for anyone suffering from damaged dry hair from chemicals (colors/perms) or mechanical damage (flatirons/curling irons).

Joico Kpak

A fabulous product line that repairs the hair. The line includes shampoo, conditioner and treatments. A formulation that targets the cuticle – think of your hair as a puzzle with pieces missing – Kpak fills in those missing pieces.

Joico Kpak Revitaluxe

The newest member of the Kpak family. If there is such a thing as a miracle in a bottle – this is it. Revitaluxe actively repairs, restores, protects and hydrates the dry hair. It corrects years of damage while protecting the hair from future damage. With each use the hair becomes stronger, softer and improves elasticity. It protects the hair from damage and dehydration and it’s the only reason this brunette can be a blonde.

Goldwell Rich Repair

Another great line formulated to target the issues causing the dryness of our lovely locks. The line includes shampoo, conditioner and treatments. Some treatments are quite intense, so if you have fine hair, a little goes a long way.


Now that your hair is moisturized and strengthened, half the battle is won; now on to targeting the ever frightful static in your hair. The following products are tried and true in preventing static;

KMS Silk Sheen Polishing Serum

This can be put on damp or dry hair. Polishes and smooths the hair while eliminating frizz and static and adding mega shine.

KMS Moist Repair Revival Creme

This leave in treatment restores moisture and controls static flyaways. Preferably to be put in towel dried hair.

KMS Hair Stay Anti Humidity Seal

This is an awesome finishing product. It locks out humidity and frizz and controls static while adding some shine. Once you have your style how you want – spray to lock out frizz and static.

Moroccanoil Frizz Spray

A humidity resistant spray that also controls static. Humidity resistant = seals hair cuticle shut so it won’t open in humidity allowing moisture that causes frizz. Can be used on damp or dry hair.

Hair Spray

When looking for a hairspray, try to find one that is humidity resistant such as Sebastian Shaper Plus, BIGSEXY Spray and Play Harder, JOICO Joimist Firm, KMS HAIRSTAY Medium and Maximum hold, GOLDWELL Big Finish Hairspray, RUSK Worx Atomizer, AG Ultradynamics or ISO Daily Finish. These hairsprays help control frizz and will help tame those pesky flyaways.

Contributing author Sara Stancu is “That girl in the red coat”. Sara is also the manager of a salon and retail shop with over 20 years of customer service and sales experience. Her tell it like it is approach is aimed at educating and enlightening clients, stylists and salon owners. She has also been the woman locked in the bathroom hating her hair. You can follow Sara on her website That Girl in the red coat and Twitter.