Dry Shampoo: Your New Best Friend

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dry shampoo

What you should know about dry shampoo

By now you’re aware that it’s not ideal to wash your hair daily with a traditional shampoo. Shampooing does rinse away the dirt and dust that you can be exposed to throughout the day, but it also strips away natural oils that keep hair looking shiny and vibrant. Stripping away your natural oils too often can make your hair dry, dull and unmanageable. For those days when you feel the urge to wash your hair but you don’t have the time, or you’re on the fence whether it really needs it, dry shampoo will be your new best friend!

To begin with, dry shampoo is available in three forms; liquid, aerosol spray and powder. Try them all! Find the one that works best for you. The powder form comes in a variety of colors so look for a brand that has a color selection, as a plain white powder can leave you with a chalky looking residue.

Now that you have gotten the basics, here are some techniques to make the most of your dry shampoo for fabulous looking hair even when you haven’t washed it!

Dry shampoo for touching up roots – If you need to touch up your hair and roots in between salon visits, you can use dry shampoo for that. However, take note of the difference in color to suit your natural hair color and tone.

Dry shampoo to make your blowout last – In addition to touching up your roots, dry shampoo can be used to preserve a blowout. Use a dry shampoo the night before the third day of your blowout. Leaving the formula on your hair overnight gives it time to be properly absorbed into the hair and in doing so absorb the oil and hold the style for as long as possible.

Dry shampoo as a styling product – Yes, you heard it right – dry shampoo isn’t just good for overcoming a tight hair spot in between washings, but it can also double as a styling product. The reason for this is that dry shampoo puts texture and fullness into hair, so you can also use it as an alternative to hair spray, which sometimes tends to weigh hair down a bit.

Dry shampoo as a post-gym tool – Hate having ratty looking hair after your gym workout ? Worry no more! Dry shampoo comes to the rescue! Daily washing post-gym isn’t recommended and seriously, who has the time? Apply dry shampoo pre-workout and it will hold your style and keep hair well-behaved.

How to Apply Dry Shampoo

You can sprinkle or spray dry shampoo onto the roots and rub it around, focusing on your scalp area for about a minute (enough time for the dry shampoo to effectively absorb the excess oil and dirt in your hair.) If there is excess powder, make sure to brush it through so you won’t be left with excess residuals.

Dry Shampoo Cautions

  • Dry shampoo might not be ideal for those with naturally coarse or curly hair because the powder should be brushed out through the length of the hair and this isn’t possible with all hair types.
  • Women with dark hair should be aware that using too much dry shampoo can make their hair look gray-ish. So start slow when applying and build-up as you need it. Also, always look for a color close to yours when choosing powder forms of dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo isn’t a replacement for washing and cleansing your hair, but it sure is a lifesaver in times of need! So use it for those days when you most need it . . . and it will become your next new BFF!

Dry Shampoo
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