Easy Hairstyles

Jessica Alba with hair in a bun

Jessica Alba Easy Updo Bun Hair Style

Easy Hairstyles . . . 10 Quick and Easy Everyday Hairstyles

Try these buns, quiffs, braids and accessories for easy hairstyles!! Easy hairstyles become higher on our list of priorities during the heat of the summer months. With all the fun things there are to do in summer, who has time to be fighting with their hair?  And after all, the whole vibe of summer oozes a more casual laid back hairstyles . . . in a flirty kind of way. So make life easy and check out these quick hairdos. Here are 10 hair styles that only take minutes a day to do.

Thanks to Ashash88 for this video. She makes these quick and easy updos truly easy to mimic by just watching how they are done . . . the music is nice too! You may need a little up-front time to get some of these easy hairstyles right, but if you will just allow yourself a little practice, it will no doubt pay off big time. The good news is that updos now are so casual and imperfect looking, that even if you are one who would call yourself, “hair styling impaired” . . . you’ve got a great chance at being able to replicate most of these sexy summer looks!!

10 Easy, Quick Everyday Hairstyles for long hair & hairstyles for medium hair


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