Eyelash Extensions Made Simple



Eyelash Extensions, Goodbye to Mascara!

The first time I heard of eyelash extensions, my initial reaction was, “Oh, how ridiculous!” But when I saw them on a couple people, I was immediately ashamed of my judgmental self. They were beautiful and flawless! So when my friend Christie told me she recently went through training and certification to do eyelash extensions, I decided to give them a try!

It was a two-hour process for the initial application, which I found relaxing, and a fill is one-hour to be done every 2-4 weeks. I think I shall throw my ear buds in next session and listen to a good book. The application process consists of one eyelash being glued on at a time using professional eyelash glue. An individual can have 60-100 lashes per eye which is why the first initial application takes longer.

The repeat visits are called “fills,” this is when new lashes are glued on to the eyelashes that have matured or the extension has fallen off. To keep your lashes looking fabulous for a longer period of time, a sealant may be purchased which ranges from $25-$75 depending on brand and is applied every few days. It also helps protect lashes from dust and make-up. Maintenance of lashes requires washing eyes without an oil based product and do not use a washcloth on your eyes.

I have only worn mascara twice since getting the extensions, and this was for the bottom lashes, as I had only the top ones done. Once Christie is certified for bottom lashes, I will be getting those too! I absolutely love them. I’ve had tons of compliments on how beautiful my lashes are, and no one can believe they are not real! My absolute favorite part is being able to skip the application of mascara during my makeup routine. While some days I go without makeup, I’ve always felt I need at least mascara, being a business owner/salon professional and all. Now there is no need!

If you are interested in eyelash extensions the best way to locate a certified technician in your area is to search “eyelash extensions” online or locate by brand name, Christie uses Lavish Lash. The initial investment and fills vary depending on your area and product used, they average from $150-$500 for full set and $35-$100 for fills.

Contributing author Monica Voth is the salon owner and beauty artist at Monica’s 9th Avenue Salon and Spa. A cosmetologist for 18 years, Monica is passionate about enhancing beauty on the inside and out. Educating herself and her clients on holistic beauty, health, and wellness are as integral to her artistry as the latest hairstyles, cuts, and hair color. Follow Monica on FaceBook.