Fall Hair Color Trends

Jessica Alba

3 Hair Color Trends Worth Stealing

Hey ladies! It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are falling, air is crisp, and our hairdos are due for a makeover. Bleach blonde is so last season and even ombre hair is starting to cool. Come and check out the hottest fall hair color trends of 2012 now!

So Pretty, So Easy All-Over Hair Color

Less is more this season! You can kiss highlights and low lights goodbye because for now, their time has passed. One tone hair color with ravishing rich hues is what’s new. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Kim Kardashian and Katie Holmes. Their hair color application may be simple, but their looks are far from boring!

This one tone hair color trend looks great on everyone, and best of all, it’s quick and easy on your pocketbook!  Your color appointment will take less time without foils, caps or the blending of multiple hair colors. And, with your savings you can splurge for an after-color gloss treatment to seal in your color and give your hair mega-shine. If you are a DIY hair colorist, or would like to learn more about hair color, check out the ultimate guide,  How to Dye Your Hair at Home. You’ll learn everything from the different types of hair color and which is right for you, to professional advice on how to protect your skin from becoming stained or irritated.

No Fuss Grey Hair

At one time, letting our hair go grey was frowned upon, but not anymore! Today more and more color bottles are collecting dust as women are trending towards embracing their own natural beauty. Embracing the grey is both empowering and sexy. Celebrities like Kelly Osbourne (not recommended) and Lady Gaga, have gone so far as to dye their hair some shade of grey in the last year. Recently, Adam Lambert jumped on the bandwagon as well when he flaunted his fabulous new silver toned hair color at fashion week.

Do you think that your whites are out of sight? The grey hair color trend is probably best for those who naturally have grey hair or are turning grey. It’s really simple because you already have a fashionable, trendy hair color. Check out the article How to Grow Out Gray Hair to learn several insider DIY secrets on how to grow out your grey with ease!


Irresistible Warm Tones

The breeze is getting brisk, and since many of us are starting to heat our homes, we think that it’s the perfect time to warm up our hair color as well! Some celebrities known for these warmed up shades of caramels these luxurious shades include Amy Adams, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce.

Those with warm toned skin look best with this hair color trend. It compliments their skin tone and even helps diminish the appearance of flaws. What could be better than that? All you have to do is choose a hair color with a rich, warm base. Gold, mahogany, copper, and caramel tones are some of the best base tones for this fall season. Come check out How to Get the Best Hair Color for Your Skin, and learn how to determine the tone of your skin today!

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