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Fine Hair

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Fine Hair Tips from the Pro’s

Women who have fine hair face some of the most challenging of hair care and hairstyling issues. But there are plenty of strategies that will punch up fine hair to its full gorgeous potential. Here are some tips to ease your mind and more importantly revive your fine hair.


Your relationship with a good hair stylist is vital, especially in communicating your desire on the styling of haircuts for fine hair. Because of its sensitive nature, the margin for error in a haircut on fine hair, if not cut correctly, fine hair can look limp and lifeless. Too many layers in the cut can make hair look thinner; while not enough can create flatness. Too much of any extreme will prove a disappointment.

Fine Har Fine Hair 2The best, and most recommended, hair cut technique for fine-haired women is a razor cut. A razor cut performed correctly by a professional, can give fine hair texture, body, form and shape. Depending on the type of fine hair you have, having a professional consultation will make all the difference in the success of your hair health.

Fine Hair


To maintain and recreate your hair style when your on your own after the appointment, it is crucial to not only know which products to use, but also to understand their purpose. Use products according to the needs of your hair and always consult your hair stylist to ensure that the selected product will meet your hair’s specific needs.

Fine hair that has been chemically-treated, highlighted, colored, permed, or straightened needs products that will cater to that history. Damaged thin hair calls for extra attention because of its extreme delicate nature. Overuse of the wrong product can leave your fine hair dry, broken and dull. To avoid this, it’s important to condition the hair with conditioners, more specifically leave-in conditioners, before applying any type of heat and to defend against the natural elements of wind, sun and ice. Varying product usage on a regular basis will give hair incredible amounts of body and volume.

Highly recommended professional hair care products that are designed for fine hair are Aquage’s Moisture Mist, a leave-in conditioner, and award-winning Uplifiting Foam, a weightless volumizing mousse. These products are created from natural sea extracts and botanicals that heal while invigorating the hair strand. In addition to these Aquage products, their Thickening Spraygel and Sea Salt Texturizing Spray will also create body and that “just came from the beach” look.

By having a consistent regimen of professional hair care products, fine hair will build up its natural elasticity allowing softness and shine to develop. However, too much of the same type of product can create static and undesired flatness. Once your hair care regimen is set in place, the options for your fine hair are endless. By discussing your options with your hair stylist, you are a step ahead of reviving your seemingly lifeless locks.

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Contributing author Itzia Sherwood a hair professional for the past 25+ years, has been customizing, transforming and enhancing her guests with an unquenchable passion. Throughout her professional career, she emphasizes the importance of client-hairstylist communication to her guests, as well as, educating future hair professionals in the craft.
Hairdresser relationship
Contributing author Krystine Sherwood with customer service as her expertise, Krystine emphasizes that guests should be the main priority and their desires should be hairdressers’ desires. Training hair professionals to have clear, concise communication is her passion.