6 Formal Short Hairstyles for Any Party

Glamorus Short Formal Hair Style for Parties

Glamorus Short Formal Hair Style for Parties
These glamorous short hair formal party hair styles will turn heads this Valentines!

When I went looking for pictures of short hairstyles with a formal look for this article I realized how women with short hair are short-changed when it comes to formal party looks for shorter hair. I’m as guilty as the rest of the hairstyle bloggers out there. But today I’m here to fix that and just in time for Valentines day if you’re looking for something special for a date with your sweetie. Let’s take a look at your options.

A french twist for short hair a perfect formal look
The Classic Twist With a Twist

The French twist is a timeless style that oozes classy sophistication and it’s the type of formal hairdo that’s great for any holiday party. You can’t go wrong with a classic French twist or some sort of swept up variation of it. Charlize Theron is wearing a revision of the French twist, undoubtedly stirring up a whirlwind with a certain “Je ne sais quois”. Slight variances on the theme, with pinned up sections, make it more modern & interesting. She looks magnificently feminine and sexy in this hairstyle, wouldn’t you say? . . . with that high collared sparkly necklace and low back halter dress!

The classic Hollywood Bob Hairstyle with waves

The Classic Bob With a Bit of Old Hollywood

Beautiful! The timeless bob haircut is ageless for its elegant simplicity and it can be styled in many more ways than you may think. Smooth and shiny, curled, slicked or waved and styled like this to mirror a retro 30’s look, a short bob hairstyle is hard to top for versatility and it’s always, always modern chic!

Paris Hilton in a Formal Short Hairstyle the Inverted Bob

Classic Inverted Bob With Side Bangs – pure elegance!

Arguably the quickest and easiest hairstyle to maintain, this short inverted bob takes little work for a big style payback. For ladies with straight or slightly wavy hair, a quick blow-drying with a round brush and some root lifter or volumizing product will do just fine. Key to looking party fabulous is a great haircut and to keep your hair healthy and shiny with spot-on hair color.

Halle Berry in a Short Finger-Wave Formal Party Hair StyleClassic Short Finger-Wave Party Style

What makes this short finger-wave hairstyle a classic? It’s been around since the 20’s and it’s back again looking as smart and adorable as it did back then! Halle Berry looks endearing in about every style she wears, but with a little gel, a fine toothed comb and some clips, she’s taken on a whole new persona. That’s the beauty of this style, it totally transforms this short haircut into a hairstyle worthy of any grand occasion!

Gwem Stephanie in a formal short retro wave hair styleClassic Formal Short Retro Wave

Gwen Stephanie rocks this short hairstyle in platinum and pink! Retro styles have been high fashion for a while now and don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. Whether your hair is long, medium or short you can radically update your look by learning how to style in retro waves. Check out these videos; one from renowned New York hairdresser Oscar Blandi, and another at a Gucci runway show.

For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles, Celebrities, and Braid Boards and pick up some tips on how they create runway ready retro waves, or if you just want to look famous for the night, make an appointment to have your hairdresser doll-you-up and give you some hands-on personalized styling techniques!


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