Frizzy Hair Products Review

Before and After Frizzy Hair Product Use

Before and After Frizzy Hair Product Use

Products for Taming Frizzy Hair

Every woman knows that big hairy problem, untamed, frizzy hair. No matter what you do, or try, it won’t stay the way you want it . . . sleek, tamed and shiny.

If you are walking through a drugstore or supermarket there are dozens of frizzy hair products that promise you shiny, tamed hair. So you probably already know there’s a big BUT at the end of this sentence. Many of those products are cheap, that’s true, and the ingredients very bad for your hair.

Many of the hair care product companies use chemicals and silicones so the products to control their costs, and thereby appearing less expensive by the consumer. Silicones in particular are bad for your hair. Silicones close up the outer layers of the hair, which means it is not possible after prolonged use of the product to color your hair or turn it into a permanent wave.

You can easily picture this process like a pine cone that you continually layered with glue. The pine cone would be unable to absorb the nutrients it needed for good health. The same type of effect occurs on the cuticle of your hair.

So now to the topic of taming frizzy hair. Mostly frizzy, untamed hair is due to a very dry hair texture. It’s common characteristic among all the hair types. This means your hair needs moisturizing. In the hairdressing universe there are many products specialized for every hair type. You can find many wonderful products for frizzy hair.

As a professional hair stylist my particular favorites are Kérastase products. To give your hair more moisture I use the Kérastase Nutritive Series. Every product in this series is manufactured for your specific hair type, starting from light care for normal to slightly dry hair to strong care for very dry and sensitive or rebellious hair.

As I want you to know which hair type you are and which product to use if you do decide to I will give you a quick overview of the products.Kerastase Satin Series Frizzy Hair Product Bottle


It moisturizes your hair, gives it a touch of lightness and body at the same time. Your hair feels softer and produces a wonderful shine.

Do you have normal or slightly dry hair? Use the BAIN SATIN 1 to shampoo your hair, afterwards treat it with LAIT VITAL conditioner. Do you plan to go out or just style your hair for the day; texturize it with NECTAR THERMIQUE. It is a thermo-care treatment so your hair is protected from the heat of your blow-drier. To use it, just give a bit of it into your hair, comb it and then dry it the way you want.

If your hair is dry and sensitive, use BAIN SATIN 2 to shampoo your hair and afterwards use the NUTRIDEFENSE TREATMENT for your hair. It will flatten the layers of each hair, moisturize it and give it a nice shine. Do that about twice or three times a month.

If your hair is very dry and sensitive, shampoo it with BAIN SATIN 3 and treat it with MASQUEINTENSE TREATMENT. This, too will moisturize your hair, give it a touchable lightness and healthy shine.Kerastase Oleo Relax Series Frizzy Hair Product


To tame dry and rebellious hair, I often tell our customers to use the Relax Series. It has a special oil formula to smooth and discipline frizzy and unmanageable hair. To wash it use BAIN OLEO RELAX, this shampoo gives your hair intense nourishment and protects it from being rebellious again. To care for your hair treat it with MASQUE OLEO RELAX. With this treatment you will be able to easily detangle your hair after rinsing it out. After you’ve dried it and maybe even flattened your hair use the SERUM OLEO-RELAX. It will give your hair long-lasting smoothness, shine and manageability.

And a special tip of mine . . . although this treatment is called OLEO RELAX NUIT meaning it is a care product you put in your hair and leave it in during the night to help it regenerate, I love to use it after I flattened my customer’s hair. I just put a bit of it on my palm, then rub my hands together and lightly brush my hands over and through the hair. This gives the hair a touchable smoothness and lightness, protects the hair from getting frizzy due to humid weather. It also gives the hair a beautiful shine.

Proper Way to Towell Dry Hair


First and foremost don’t roughly rub your hair with a towel, this will open the hair cuticle and make it feel rough against your palm skin, causing it to be frizzy without your intention. Just take your towel and press your hair dry with it.

Second, if you blow dry your hair always use a big round brush or a pillow brush (especially for long hair) to dry it and naturally straighten the hair cuticle. Also start brushing and drying your hair from the root to the tips of your hair. This will smooth the cuticle and give it a natural shine.

Use a brush with natural bristles or a wide-toothed comb to brush out your hair, this will not destroy the hair’s structure and give it a nice natural shine.

If you want more information on the frizzy hair products mentioned in this article please visit the Kerastase website.

Hairstylist Bianca Pogorzelski

Guest contributor Bianca Pogorzelski is a professional hair colorist and hair stylist in Bayren   Germany specializing in frizzy hair issues plus modern, personalized and balanced hair cuts. You can follow Bianca on Twitter at: @KittyxCat



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