5 Secret Weapons for Good Hair Days

Attractive woman with long flowing hair after Keratin treatment

Attractive woman with long flowing hair after Keratin treatment

Good Hair Days Start With Simple Tricks

Daily I see clients that experience aha moments, things that seem like common sense but have seemed to evade their current knowledge. So I thought this would be a wonderful place to share them, hopefully these simple tips help you with your hair routine, and allow you to have good hair days more often than not.

Don’t scorch your hair in the shower
We all know we need to use heat protectant on our hair to save it from the damage of irons and dryers, but have you considered about the heat in the shower? While you may love a blazing hot shower, your hair and skin do not. Your cuticle is like a armor for your hair, think of it like fish scales that open when heat is applied and close when cooled. When the cuticle is open color can slide out, and the hair feels rough and looks dull. Instead try washing and conditioning your hair separately, at the sink, or turn the heat down in the shower when washing and especially when rinsing out the conditioner.

Teeth Not Bristles when wet
I hear often that women love to take their favorite brush to their hair when jumping out of the shower but a brush isn’t your best friend when your hair is extremely wet. Hair is at one of it’s most fragile states when wet, and can break when tangled hair is ripped through when wet. Instead try a WIDE toothed comb or my personal favorite the Tangle Teaser after applying conditioner and again after stepping out of the shower.

Water Dilutes Product
Professional hair products are highly concentrated and should be treated as such but you’re wasting your products and money when you apply it to soaked hair. it’s like pouring water into your product and you wouldn’t do that would you?

Product Usage proceed with caution
I often get complaints from clients about products that they are too sticky even after dried and hair falls flat. The main culprit? You’re using way too much, I often recommend using the top of your fingernail to scoop product out of the container and using only the amount the fits on your nail, (that’s as long as you don’t have the nails of Cruella De Ville.) With liquid products try using nickel sized amounts first, then if you feel that you need more add dime sized amounts till you’ve achieved the desired amount. Products are trial and error learning experiences don’t just give up on something the first time you use it.

Rough Dry Before Brush
Rough drying may be the biggest aha of them all. Many step out of the shower and begin round brushing their hair, it takes forever to dry and it’s still not smooth after all of that work, you become frustrated and hate styling your hair. Try rough drying first, it’s simply drying while running your fingers through your hair. Your hand will help absorb moisture and slightly stretching your hair will help the cuticle lay down and assist in smoothing.

I hope these tips help you with your hair care routine. Remember to love your hair, it’s your crowning glory and everyone loves a shiny, healthy, beautiful head of hair. Treat your hair with care and it will surely thank you.

Contributing author Kalvin Pugh has been a licensed hairdresser since 2007. After advanced training at Toni&Guy in Dallas TX, Kalvin became an educator and shared his love of hairdressing with thousands of salon professionals around the US. In 2012 became an ambassador for TIGI. In 2013 Kalvin fulfilled his dream since beauty school opening up his own hairdressing space Kalvin Pugh Hairdressing in Overland Park, Kansas.