5 Habits of Women with Gorgeous Healthy Hair

Woman with Gorgeous Healthy Hair

Woman with Gorgeous Healthy Hair

What do women with healthy hair do that the rest of us can learn from?

Have you ever seen a woman walk by with such an amazing head of hair that you had to stop and do a double take, and then stare some more? Well the good news is, it has happened to the best of us!

Regardless of the popular fallacy, there is really no such thing as being born with healthy hair; your hair quite often reflects what you eat and your lifestyle. But when I study women that have gorgeous healthy hair that I admire there are some common practices which they carefully adhere to. Here are the five habits to emulate if you want to cross into the promised land of hair perfection:

Women with healthy hair trim regularly

Anyone whose hair is healthy often trims the split ends every six weeks at least. This takes care of breakage, split ends and also gives your hair body and that sexy bouncy swing.

Women with healthy hairare not obsessive about shampooing

Shampooing often may seem like a sign of love for your hair, but it is actually a very good example of smothering! Your hair only needs shampooing 2 or 3 times a week. If you learn some styling tricks on producing great second day looks, you’ll find the in between days an exciting diversion from the same old, same old. If your hair is the oily type, every now and then go for the dry shampoo.

Women with healthy hair deep condition

Yes, deep conditioning rejuvenates the hair especially after the damage wrought by your well-meaning efforts with curling irons, flat irons and other heat styling tools. A good deep conditioning treatment every few weeks will go a long way to keeping your hair in top condition.

Women with healthy hair spend time styling the hair

Yes, people with great hair do go out of their way to give loving attention to their hair by styling it in such a manner as to maximize its attractive features. Click here to see step by step hair tutorials. It is often the end result of a combination of hair products as well as a great deal of small insider tricks.

Women with healthy hair don’t go overboard

Yes, I know I just suggested you pay attention to styling, but that is not necessarily an encouragement to smother your hair with hair care products that it cannot breath or worse yet, to destroy your fragile layers with maniacal devotion to the hot iron.

With just paying attention to these quick and easy DIY insider how to tips you too can have that gorgeous healthy hair look that will make the rest of us envious.

Hairstyle Blog contributing author Garima Mehta

Garima Mehta writes for www.Hairstylescut.com – offering tips on latest hairstyles and hair coloring tips. In her free time she loves visiting new places and playing with her little daughter.