Update Your Look with These Hair Accessories

Christina Henricks with a copper red updo with a hairband

Leighton Meester with floral headband with a braided hairstyle

Hair Accessories Change Your Style

When you look back at hair trends of any era, there are always hair accessories that help define the times and today’s hair trends are no different. Who ever the fashion guru was who coined the phrase, “accessorizing is everything” was brilliant. Well, it’s true that great hair accessories can make your style go from plain to fabulous. Apart from hair style, texture and hair color, try adding one of these accessories to give added depth and an extra something to spice up your look.

Christina Henricks with a copper red updo with a head bandThe Head Band

The head band can be a colored ribbon, a funky metallic finished head band or any sort of floral cluster! Call it vintage, quirky or modern, these versatile gems are the highlights this season. They add a touch of feminine charm, as well as a burst of color to tie together any outfit. Head bands can be worn to pull back all the hair off your face (Jennifer Lopez), giving that fresh-faced look or, as an adornment that simply compliments your style. The head band remains high on our list of easy accessories to wear, so those who are less adventurous with head-gear, a simple head band may be your quick fix to your fashion woes!

An attractive young woman with long brown hair and a head wrapThe Head Wrap

Although slightly similar, these hair accessories are not worn on top of the head, but high on the forehead or across the forehead and are closely identified with the signature bohemian chic look. Other designs include those larger than the usual ones you find on the streets. These have increasingly become statement pieces sported by many celebrities this season.

Three examples of Barrett's and Jeweld Pins as hair accessories

Barrettes and Jeweled Pins

Another hair accessories trend that women just can’t seem to get enough of is barrettes and jeweled pins. Barrettes are essentially clips to keep hair in place, but with a little added shimmer and sparkle, these elegant pieces can easily transform your entire look and bring it to the next level.

Floral barrettes are extremely popular this season and can be worn on any occasion. They go with tied back hairstyles like the sophisticated bun or even loosely untied hairdos! For formal night events, elaborate jeweled barrettes give a classy and elegant finish while keeping hair intact throughout the night.

Rhinna in cherry red hair wearing a hair scarfHead Scarves

Let’s not forget head scarves! They don’t have to be swung loosely around your neck to make for a high fashion item, they can also worn around your head as hair accessories. Loosely covering your hair or around your forehead like a headband. And, if you are not the kind to go overboard when it comes to hair accessories, you can try monochrome or single colored headscarves that suffice as superb statement pieces.

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