Hair Care Spring Cleaning

Applying Natural Hair Product

Hair Care Routine Rehab

Birds emerge, flowers bloom and suddenly, your winter hair care isn’t looking so hot anymore. Whether the problem is dulled color, split ends, dryness or pure neglect, there are lots of things to check when the seasons change.

For starters, you’ve probably been hibernating a bit and stretching the time between hair salon appointments. A quick booking can solve a world of hair care spring cleaning woes, from grown-out, shapeless haircuts to obvious roots and stray grays gone wild. Flip through the pages of this website before you book, choose several looks you like, then rank them by the hair styles most likely to succeed with your hair type and face shape.

Hair color demands ample consideration for reasons beyond roots. The brighter, warmer spring sky is better reflected when you shift to warmer, brighter hair color. Good options for the hair color-shy include breaking the base and adding a few high lights. Chromatic drama queens can choose from blue-black to blazing reds to pure platinum. Just make certain you add an element of spark and shine.

Of course, if your hair isn’t at its healthiest, you may need more than a haircut before you refresh your hair color. Winter dryness can cause everything from straw-like hair to a scaly scalp. Moisturizers, deep conditioners, scalp treatments and aromatherapy-based hair treatments can correct these problems. Just be sure you don’t over-do it.

If you’ve treated winter hair woes appropriately, now is the time to switch over to lighter conditioners, stylants and scalp treatments. Throw out old hair styling products, especially if you’ve had them more than a year. For fun, try out new pastes, waxes and lightweight sprays. Also, clean your brushes and thermal tools to start the season off right.

Like skin care, hair care should follow a regimen of correct, protect and keep up. Here are a few ideas, personalized by hair type:

Great Hair Style for Fine Hair

Hair Care for Fine Hair

  • Fight residual hair static with a weightless, leave-in conditioner.
  • If your hair tends to be greasy, indulge in a professional scalp treatment first. Hair isn’t greasy on its own; the scalp is usually the culprit.
  • Deep-condition with moisturizing agents, then concentrate on conditioning just the ends every other time you shampoo. Use hair strengthening hair care products as leave-ins.
  • Get a trim, at minimum, or try out a fabulous new short haircut.
  • Ask your hair colorist for a lighter, brighter, permanent hair color, it’ll also ruffle the cuticle a bit, adding an illusion of thickness.

Claudia Schiffer in a Medium Hair Do

Hair Care for Medium Hair

  • Treat dryness with a lightweight shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is in good condition, start with a shampoo to remove build-up from heavier winter hair care and styling products.
  • Get a great new haircut that allows at least three hair style options, and ask your hairdresser to show you how to create them.
  • Warm up your hair color to work with your skin tones. If your skin’s on the cool side, brighten the shade subtly, or add just a few warm high lights.

Short Curly Hair Style

Hair Care For Curly, Frizzy Hair

  • Try out a new shampoo and conditioner that give a moisture/protein balance.
  • Check your scalp. Products like Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree get it in tip-top shape after winter build up.
  • Skip heat styling when you can. Opt for weekly deep-conditioning treatments and go natural instead.
  • Once your hair is in great shape, choose a new haircut and talk to your hairdresser about hair care products that seal the cuticle and fight the summer hair frizz to come.
  • Even if you like your hair color, get a clear glosser. It’ll boost shine and compact the cuticle, further fighting frizz.
  • If you’ve worn braids or a weave, take a break. Have a professional check your scalp before putting them back in. Then, make certain they aren’t too tight— you should never feel a pull.
  • If you want to maintain curl, use hair care products formulated for curly hair and keep strands well moisturized, so they stay springy.

No matter what your hair type, once you’ve put in the fix, trimmed off old split ends and remoisturized or rebalanced hair, you can get a whole new hair care spring cleaning regimen. New cosmetic colors get you in the mood. Be a little bolder than before but don’t forget to ask about low-maintenance looks that are easy on your budget.

Hair care article courtesy of Harris Publications