Hair Chalk, Hair Mascara, Hair Shadow; What’s the Difference?

Hair Chalk, Hair Mascara, Hair Shadow

The Smart Girls Guide to Hair Chalk, Hair Mascara and Hair Shadow

There are several options for temporary hair color on the market these days. These products provide the perfect opportunity for women who would like to sport new hair colors without the commitment of sticking to that color permanently. At the same time, these products also make experimenting with different hair colors easier because you do not have to deal with the long term damage to your hair.

The advent of hair shadow and hair chalking techniques has indeed opened up new possibilities in the hair color industry. There are three popular methods used to apply temporary hair color: 1) hair shadow, 2) hair mascara, and 3) hair chalk. These products are mostly the same in their effect – creating instant and temporary highlights – but they  differ in their method of application.

Hair Shadow

Hair Shadows

The hair shadow trend is one of the most popular among women who like to recreate that fun, dip dyed look. But this product eliminates the need to visit a professional hair salon because this temporary hair color formula can add instant highlights and be washed off as quickly.

Hair shadow products are very easy to apply. It can be done by rubbing and gliding the product onto the specific sections of the hair that you want to color. If you want the color to last for more than a day, you can seal it with hair spray after application. This will help to seal the color in the hair for a longer lasting effect. However, when you want to get rid of the color or try on a new one, simply shampoo it out.

Hair Mascara

hair mascara a hair chalk altenative

This temporary hair color formula is also designed to be easily washed out. Some brands of hair mascara can last for up to two days, which makes it a perfect temporary hair color formula to use when you intend to add color or highlights for a specific occasion. When you want to get rid of the color, simply wash your hair with shampoo.

The most distinctive difference that hair mascara has over other types of temporary hair color treatments is the method of application. You will be using a mascara wand to apply hair mascara where you want to see color. Hair mascara is available in fun and vibrant shades. Also, it is recommended for most hair types or length.

To apply, simply dip the mascara wand into the color formula and apply to the section of hair you want colored. Pulling out specific sections helps you achieve color placement exactly where you want it. It also makes the area visible so you can determine how much product you need for the desired effect. Like the hair shadow, this is a quick and easy way to get a new color that you can do yourself!

Hair Chalk

The hair chalk trend was a big hit in 2013. But given how easy it is to obtain this temporary hair color, many hair stylist’s believe that it will continue to be just as big for years to come.

Hair Chalk, Hair Mascara, Hair ShadowHair chalk, like hair mascara and hair shadow, has all the effects of getting a new hair dye job minus the commitment. The most distinctive mark of this trend is its vibrant colors. From deep blues, purples, pinks and reds, sea moss green and soft pastels, women make use of these vibrant colors to add new life to their locks (especially those who bore easily with the same old, same old look.)

Hair chalk is able to be directly applied to your strands. For the most dramatic effect of color, wet your hair before applying. This helps to build up the color on the hair shaft, making it brighter and helping it to last longer. Women with darker hair will see much more color when the chalk is applied to wet hair. Blondes can opt to skip washing the hair and the color will come through, but applying it to wet hair is still  recommended for longer lasting color.

Twist the specific section of hair you wish to apply the chalk to. The added texture on your strands when twisted, can help in the release of color pigments. Use a downward motion as you work one section at a time. To create a brighter pop of color and added flair, add two shades of chalk per strand.

The new color you get from hair chalking typically lasts 1-2 days and can be washed off with a single shampoo. However, it may last longer, depending on the condition of your hair. Porous hair tends to absorb the color more deeply, making it last longer.

Which of these temporary coloring techniques have you tried?

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