Hair Chalking: An Easy DIY Guide

Hair Chalking

Hair Chalking

Hair Chalking, the Newest in Temporary Hair Color

Hair chalking just may be this years biggest temporary hair color trend! Thanks to celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Nikki Minji, Cindi Lauper, Katy Perry and more, a rainbow of bright pastel chalk hair colors are showing up just about everywhere. Kids and adults are rocking the chalks because they can . . . they can take a step on the wild side for a day and be back to normal the next. Hair chalking is a temporary hair color, inexpensive, easy and . . . a new, fabulous, flirty frippery!

If you’re looking for an easy way to changes things up with your hair, you can try this splash of hair color with NO commitment! That’s the beauty of hair chalking, here today gone tomorrow. Invite your girlfriends over and make a party out of it, or chalk highlighting with kids is totally amusing and cheap entertainment. They’ll be whooping it up for a while to come with playing the rock star or fantasy dream character with rainbow colored hair.

How to Color your Hair with Chalk

  1. Start by protecting your clothing with a cape or by wearing something old you don’t mind getting stained. A shirt you can button up to take off easily would be good. The dust from the soft pastel chalks can become pretty messy. If need be you can also protect your floor with towels or plastic where you’re planning to chalk your hair.
  2. If you have darker hair, spritzing your hair with water before chalking will help to achieve the best results.  The color takes better and is more intense when applied to dampened hair. Blonde’s, however should skip this step. People with lighter hair should apply chalk to dry hair, or it may extend the longevity of the hair color, leaving it somewhat stained and faded looking.
  3. Twist a small section of hair. The texture of the hair when it’s twisted allows for easier application.
  4. Rub the chalk down the twisted strand where you would like the color to appear.
  5. Untwist the section.
  6.  Remove any excess chalk powder by lightly brushing the strands.
  7. Using a flat iron on the chalked highlights will help sustain the color.

What are the best chalks to use?

Most people would agree that soft pastel chalks like artists chalks, creates the best results. You can find this type of chalk online and in your local art supply store.Michael’s craft stores carry these artist’s soft pastel chalk kits at competitive prices and they have a variety of sizes to choose from. Just be sure to buy the ‘soft pastel chalks’ rather than the ‘oil pastel chalks. Oil chalks will not work in the hair.

You can find chalks in major department stores and some drug stores. Another set of a super affordable pastel chalks is  Color Rox Hair Chox Set. This set has capped tops which keeps your hands cleanand gets lots of good reviews online.

How to remove chalk hair color

  1. Gently brush through your hair. A natural bristle brush will work best to remove most of the pigment from your hair.
  2. Shampoo with a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos are perfect because they are designed to remove products and excessive buildup from the hair. If you don’t have one, a shampoo with a higher detergent agent such as, ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate will work good.

Avoid chalking your hair too often. The powder absorbs the natural oils in your hair causing it to become dry and brittle. Condition your hair with a quality hydrating conditioner after chalking. This will help replenish moisture to your hair.

Here’s a great video on ‘How To Do the Hair Chalk Trend,”by Kandee Johnson who has gotten the attention of over 950,000 viewers since putting this up just a few months ago! Nice job Kandee! Happy chalking ladies . . . this is a must share with your girlfriends who love all things hair!


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