Spring Hair Color Trends

Hairstyle for Round Face Shape

Katy Perry wearing pageboy retro black shiny hairstyle

If you’re thinking of a new hair color this Spring here is what you should be considering

Experimenting with a new hair color is the quickest and easiest way to refresh your style! You get a new look without the drama of changing your hairstyle. This year’s trending hair colors are clean and simple and with these effortless hairdos, you can afford to venture one step further and experiment with hair color like; ombre, highlights, subtle tints, dramatic vibrant colors, neons, dip dying or even clip-on color extensions…you name it!

Jennifer Lopez face framing caramel highlights hair

Face Framing Highlights

Adding a few simple face framing highlights or all over highlights and lowlights, spruces up your existing style and helps to brighten your complexion. With short hair, multiple layers of highlights help to create added dimension, depth and fullness to the hair. Women with blue or green eyes and a bit of a tanned skin tone,( think Jennifer Lopez) look fabulous with warm brown tones and honey colored or light brown highlights. Others with bouncy curls prefer hair highlighting because of the additional volume as well as the look of perennial sunshine on their hair.

Drew Barymore wearing an ombre hair colorDrew Barrymore dip dye bob hairstyle
Ombre Hair or Dip Dyeing Hair Color

Not a fan of the highlights? There are always alternatives such as going ombre or dip dying. Yes, ombre is still trending this year! That may be simply because it’s such a low maintenance hair trend and looks great on just about everyone. Women with medium/long and long layered hair wear ombre color or dip dying best. Brunettes simply love experimenting with lighter shades, as it adds dimension to their hair, so it doesn’t look flat and at the same time it adds a modern edge to their old hairstyle. One benefit of this trend is that in the event you are displeased with the color or it has faded over time, you can get your hairdresser to simply . . . snip off the colored ends!

Kim Kardashian wearing black long layered hairstyle

Black Hair Dye and Deep Brunette Tones

Black hair color and darker palettes of brown tones are a huge trend this season and trend is keeping salons busy with both applications and corrective color services. Most of the corrective coloring comes as a result of at home, DIY’ers attempts to dye their own hair dark. Careful with this one ladies, you can check out some advice here, if you have dyed your hair too dark.

Side by Side pics Katy Perry shows neon pink and neon blue hues hair colors
Katy Perry set the tone for ladies with pale skin to have some fun with black hair dye, (as well as some neon shades for you brave fashionistas!) There are a growing number of lighter skinned women embracing this contrast. Jet-black hair is also extremely flattering on ladies with olive skin tones (Salma Hayek, Cher)

Black and deep brunette hair colors not only appear thicker, but they often have the highest amount of shine. Healthy black hair is the shiniest because it reflects the most light. If your natural hair color is two or more shades lighter than the color you desire, you will need to be diligent at keeping your hair color appointments . . . roots are not pretty. A good shampoo and conditioner for colored hair will help substantially in preserving any hair color and its radiance!

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