6 Ways You Could be Damaging Your Hair

Blow Drying Hair

Damaged Hair Magnified

You Shouldn’t be Your Hair’s Worst Enemy

You probably don’t realize the damage you are doing to your hair, by your day to day routines.  You may be causing undue stress on your hair roots, and on their scalp, without realizing it. Here are a 6 ways you may be damaging your hair without knowing it.

Smooth Ponytail


Ponytails are easy and convenient. They provide a very quick and simple hairstyle. When you are tired, or working around the house, it’s easy to pick up a rubber band and pull your hair up in a single ponytail, and forget about it. The truth is, rubber bands causes’ tension on your hair, and it can cause your hair to break off. When you remove the rubber band, you may notice several strands of hair entangled inside the rubber band.

Tying your hair with a ribbon, or using your own hair can protect your hair from further damage. Even nylon ponytail holders can hold your hair, and prevent it from breaking.

Blow Drying Hair

Blowing Drying

Heat robs your hair of its natural moisture, and leaves your hair looking and feeling dry and brittle. If you have ever blow dried your hair, using the hottest setting, you may have noticed this. Your hair is stiff, rigid and lifeless. When you comb or brush your hair in its dry state, you are cracking and breaking the cuticles.

If possible, let your hair air dry or dry naturally. It takes a little longer, but at least you will be sparing yourself a bad hair day. Use a conditioner with moisturizer and try using low heat.

Woman Combing Wet Hair

Brushing or Combing Wet Hair

Brushing or combing your hair while it is still wet can cause your hair to snap and break. Wet hair is very vulnerable, and more susceptible to receiving damage. When you hair is wet, it is very stretchy or elasticity. In this state, your hair should be combed with a wide tooth comb or you can use your fingers.

Women in Perm Rods

Chemicals can Harm Your Hair

Chemicals such as bleaches, coloring and highlights can permanently damage the structure of your hair. Bleaching and perming your hair only makes your hair weaker, drier and less shiny. For instance, perms restructure the formation of your natural hair, while bleaching strips your hair of its natural color. Bleach weakens the hair, making it easier to snap. It other words, bleaches robs your hair of its elasticity.

Dry Shampoo

Excessive Washing and Shampooing

If you wash and shampoo your hair every time you shower, you are destroying your hair. Too much of a good thing can be very bad. Washing and shampooing your hair too often, strips your hair of its moisture. It leaves your hair dry and brittle. If your hair or scalp is always dry, try limiting how often you wash and shampoo your hair. If your hair and scalp is naturally oily, you may have to wash your hair often, but not every day. Cut back to 2 or 3 days per week and try a dry shampoo in between.

Curling Iron

Flat or Curling Irons

If you flat iron or curl your hair often, you are destroying your hair. Excessive direct heat to your hair can cause irreversible damage. For instance, too much heat can burn your hair and cause it to shed. Don’t end up like this poor girl in this hilarious video.

Applying conditioners and moisturizer to your dry and letting it dry naturally can help you preserve your hair. Your hair is your glory, and if your glory is gone, what else do you have? Protect your hair’s beauty and lustrous shine, by knowing what you can do to prevent damage to your hair.