How to Repair Damaged Hair Once and For All

Long blonde damaged hair

Hair damage can be stopped at the root of the problem . . . when you know what that means!

We gals love our hair and we spend an ungodly amount of money and time on it  . . . primping, coloring, cutting, styling, it all adds up.  And, sometimes because of all this love we bestow on it, we spend again as much time and money fixing and repairing the hair damage done. Life is kind of funny isn’t it?

With all this love going around, here are some smart ways to make your hair love you back!  Being aware of how most hair damage occurs is half the battle, then all you need to do is take these steps to keep keep hair damage from happening in the first place.

Chemical Damage to Hair

Chemical processes such as perms, relaxers, color treatments, or bleaching are all processes that when overdone or when not done correctly, may cause major hair damage. These harsh chemical processes destroy protein bonds within the hair which weakens the hair’s internal structure. When chemical treatments are over-done or when they are done incorrectly, there may be no way to repair the damage but to cut it off! Solution: Before doing any chemical process to your hair, make sure it’s in the best health possible. Trim off old ends, and make sure it’s deeply hydrated. Do deep conditioning treatments till it looks and feels healthy and choose an experienced professional to do the job.

  • Chlorine and salt water. Swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water will leave chlorine or residual salt in the hair if it’s not shampooed out. Chlorine left in the hair is extremely drying, will make it stiff and brittle and can give light hair a green hue. Solution: If you love the pool and you love your hair, it’s worth your time and money to use a shampoo formulated to rid the chlorine from your hair. Sea salts should also be rinsed or shampooed out, or they rob the hair of it’s natural oils leaving it dry, dull and brittle.

Physical Damage to Hair

Physical damage to hair happens from a number of things we do daily and most of the time we are not even aware of it.  Ripping and tearing through your hair with a brush or comb because you’re in a hurry, does more damage than you think. And, your hair is extremely vulnerable to breakage when it’s handled roughly when wet. Wet hair stretches and it will break easily when put to the test. Solution: Take your time when combing through wet hair, especially if your hair is long. Blot wet hair with a towel, add a leave in conditioner and comb through with your fingers first to get through most of the tangles. Finish by combing through with a wide tooth comb starting at the bottom and working up.

  • Hair breakage also happens from accessories like barrette’s, clips and even elastics being wrapped too tightly or containing metal that snags and breaks hair. Then of course, there are those reminders from mothers or grandmothers about brushing hair for at least 100 strokes each night to improve texture and shine . . . not true. It’s a myth and in fact, less is better than more with the understanding that more brushing equals more breakage.
  • Too much heat is a big culprit of hair damage. Flat-irons and curling irons now reach temperatures of 450 degrees, which can burn the body and life right out of your hair. The damage from hot rollers adds up too. Solution: Keep blow-dryers moving when styling your hair so you don’t scorch it. Try to keep the heat on all these tools as low as necessary to get the job done and use thermal styling products prior to styling to protect your hair as much as possible.