Celebrities Secret Weapon: The Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Heart Face Shape

Face Shape

What’s the best hairstyle for your face shape?

The best haircut in the world will not work for you if it doesn’t flatter your face shape!  The right hair cut for its unique shape matters!   A hairstyle really ‘hits the mark’ when it’s cut to stress the positive and/or off-set the negative . . . it’s all about creating illusions with height, volume and angles.

You almost would have to live on a different planet to NOT recognize by now that face shape matters when finding the best hair style for your personal head shape. It was only a handful of years ago however, that we saw this strategy come to light. I remember because I was teaching it, and material was hard to come by. And, believe it or not, the concept artistic geometry matters,’ was not part of the curriculum at beauty schools! It was a concept, however, that talented hairdressers intuitively knew and understood.

What’s the best haircut for your face shape?

If you don’t know what face shape you fall into, first, find that out by going to my article how to determine your face shape. Get familiar with the tips on what to try and what to avoid. Check which tips have rung true for you in the past. Now, keep an open eye for hairstyles you like (or don’t like) on pictures of celebrities or models who share a similar face shape to yours. Every human head is different for sure, but you’ll soon be able to see for yourself  how these principles work.
Mariska Hargitay Square Face ShapeRound or Square Face Shapes

Your shape will be as tall in length as it is wide. If you have fuller cheeks and a rounded chin line with this scenario, you fall into the round face shape category.  If your jaw bones are prominent and seem more square, your face shape will appear more squared than rounded.

Basically you want to create height on top and avoid blunt haircuts or hairdos that create too much fullness on the sides. For a complete list of tips on what to try, and what to avoid check out my article on Hair Styles for Round Faces.

Face Shapes

Face Shapes

Bangs or no bangs

Bangs that are blunt shorten a round face shape or square face shape making it seem wider. Side swept bangs with height at the crown create an asymmetrical look and flatters both round face shapes and square face shapes.

Mariska Hargitay Square Face Shape
Heart Face Shape
Heart Shaped Face

The Heart Face Shape

Heart shaped faces are easy to match-up with a variety of hairstyles. The chin-line is the narrowest part of the face and is the area that can look too ‘pointy’ if not balanced with the shape of the haircut. The right hairdo for you should draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Brow length bangs and mid-length layers move focus away from a strong chin.

Sarah Jessica Parker Long Hairstyle with High LightsSarah-Jessica-Parker

Oblong Face Shapes

Long oval or oblong face shapes can too easily look long and drawn out. The right haircut will cancel narrowness and add softness to otherwise a shape that can look severe. Full curls, layers, hair wave or brow skimming bangs all help to give the illusion of a softer more balanced look to an oblong face shape.

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