Hair Habits You Need to Break Now

Woman pulling hair in frustration of trying to maintain healty hair

Hair Habits

You are Your Hair’s Worst Enemy, if You Have any of These Hair Habits

It’s apparent most of us are willing to go to great lengths to get healthy, vibrant looking hair. But all the egg whites and coconut oil in the world won’t make much difference unless you are willing to break a few bad hair habits that are responsible for wreaking havoc on your hair. If you are guilty of any of these dirty little hair habits, your hair isn’t all it can be. Here are 5 hair habits you need to break now!

hair habits

Using Too Much Heat

You’ve heard it a million times; heat is bad for hair! Yes, but, unless you are endowed with goddess-like curls, you’ll need to use some heat to coax your locks into submission. Unfortunately, using high heat is a hard hair habit to break. Make the effort to let your hair air-dry as much as possible before bringing on the heat and dry your hair on the lowest heat setting possible. You can always bump up the heat if need be but remember; less is more . . . and your hair will love you for it! How hot is too hot? If the heat from your blow-dryer makes your skin uncomfortable, it’s too hot for your hair. Turn it down and always use heat protectant before styling your hair with high heat.
Hair Habits

Being Too Rough with Wet Hair

Our hair is made up of several protein cell layers that are fragile when wet. Wet hair is especially susceptible to breakage because in that state it easily stretches to the breaking point. Apply a bit of leave-in conditioner to towel dried hair before using a large tooth comb to detangle. For long, stubborn snarly hair, use your fingers first to comb through conditioned hair and avoid brushing wet hair. Also, instead of vigorously rubbing your hair, gently squeeze your hair dry and a wait until it’s damp before picking up the blow dryer.

Hair Habit
Trimming Too Infrequently

Even if you’re goal is to grow your hair out, it’s important to get regular trims to avoid split ends. Split ends aren’t only unattractive but they weaken hair and make it prone to breakage, which in the long run defeats the purpose of growing it out. Depending on your hair, you may be able to go roughly 6 to 8 weeks between trims. Getting regular trims keeps your hair healthy and looking its best, especially if you color your hair or it’s dry and damaged.

Hair Habits

Using Too Much Product

Another hard hair habit to break is squeezing out a palm-size glob of product and going to town, or using too many products. Again less is usually more, and you can actually get cleaner, healthier looking hair using less product. Many products contain elements that adhere to the hair, weighing it down and making it dull over time. Hair professionals (as well as the back of the bottles) recommend using a limited amount of the product. If using a small amount of product doesn’t seem to do the trick, you might be using the wrong product for your hair type. When you visit your stylist for a trim, discuss the products you are using and the results you are getting. The recommendations you get may change your hair completely!

Hair Habit
Being Too Up-Tight

If you find yourself normally throwing your ponytail up in the same place, it may be time to switch it up. Regularly wrapping your ponytail elastic in the same place leads to breakage. Take a close look and become aware if your updos are doing damage. Not only that, but wearing ponytails too tight can damage the hair follicles at the roots. It’s a good sign that your ponytail is too tight if you get headaches, or your scalp becomes too sensitive. Change this bad habit by moving the placement of your ponytail or bun, by loosening it up, and by using a soft scrunchie to hold it in place.

Switching just a few bad hair habits for some healthier ones, can make bad hair days turn to good!