Hair Products: Professional vs Store Brand

Attractive Woman with Beautiful Thick Full Bodied Hair Style

Attractive Woman with Beautiful Thick Full Bodied Hair Style

Hair Products Insider Secrets; The Straight Truth

As a hairdresser in New York City, clients ask me all the time what my “secret” is. They ask me why my hair always looks so great everyday. It always makes me laugh. Hairdressers are humans too and we wake up early or stay up late to put time into our hair. We buy PROFESSIONAL tools and hair products. Always. We buy and use professional hair products to COLOR and STYLE our hair. If you’re reading this expecting a magic pill . . . I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Although, if you’re looking for truthful advice keep reading.

You are right! We do have more access but not by much. I know what you’re thinking. But beauty supplies today are becoming far more accessible to anyone who wants them and that includes you! So what are you waiting for? There is no excuse to shop at a drug store and settle for cheap hair products. Too expensive you say? I beg to differ.

The main reason your hair feels, looks, and smells great when leaving the salon is largely because of the hair products we use! So I ask you, why not bring the product home with you?

Make the investment. Unfortunately, top performing hair products are expensive to make therefore being expensive to retail. I am a trained hair professional. I can read a product label and know what every funny chemical there is in it and NEVER will you ever see me use a hair product from a drug store because my professional knowledge knows that it is likely to be ineffective.

When a client asks me to suggest a “cheaper alternative” I am unable to do so because I personally would rather spend $25 on something useful than $5 on something USELESS. Cheap hair tools and products feel better on your wallet initially, but in the end the tool is always less durable or potent. With non professional products, you are forced to rebuy more frequently therefore in the end being just as expensive and leaving your hair looking less than what it could.

Professional tools are more expensive because they are built to last. As a hair stylist, I run my blow dryer all day long and still it lasts sometimes for less than a year and as long as three years. I am always impressed how reliable they are. Hairstylists are not trying to make clients spend more by selling hair products. We are simply trying to answer clients questions as to how their hair looks the way it does and how to extend the life of a haircut and color.

Professional products are made to be ph balanced in order to make hair react the way we want it to and these chemicals are not cheap. A good example is protein. Hair needs protein just like our bodies. Due to daily wear and tear, hair looses it’s protein. There are tons of professional hair products with protein unfortunately protein is expensive as well. Cheap hair products use less effective ingredients to trick the buyer. Sadly, those ingredients are a bandaid but not medicine for the hair.

So as a hairdresser with nothing to gain from you as a client from wherever you are reading this from I implore you to invest in your hair. No need to break the bank, but to simply spend your money smarter. Find yourself a great salon and ask the professionals that you trust what they think you need to look like a hairdresser everyday and just do it! Your hair will thank you.

Contributing author Katelyn Capko has provided clients with professional cutting edge color and cutting techniques at the exclusive Carmine Minardi NYC salon on Madison Ave in the heart of the Upper East Side of Manhattan for the past several years. You can follow Kate on Twitter.