Hair Removal Treatments: Why Choose Lasers?

Affordable Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to hair removal at home, there are only a few options, none of which last long. Most people have to work at removing unwanted hair on a daily basis. It becomes a never ending routine to stay clean shaven. The other option is to let it grow and keep covered up so no one else will see. Over time, this chore becomes unbearable. If you are at that point, then it is time to look at laser hair removal treatments.


How Laser Hair Removal Works

Hair removal lasers use light energy to focus on the pigment in hair follicles. The light energy heats the follicle until it is destroyed. This destroys the root structure at least temporarily. If the hair was in the right stage of growth, it will permanently remove the hair. If the hair grows back, it will be finer than it was originally.


How Lasers Differ From Home Treatments

Shaving cuts the hair follicle above the surface of the skin, meaning it does nothing to discourage growth. Depilatory creams work to destroy the hair follicle at or slightly below the surface, but generally leave the roots intact. Waxing and tweezing pull the hair follicle from the skin, but don’t destroy the root system, meaning the hair can easily grow back. Only laser equipment works by destroying the hair follicle and root structure, which means it will be several weeks before any hairs can grow again in the treated area.


The Time Difference With Laser Treatments

During bikini season, you don’t want to be shaving your legs and body parts every day. Laser treatments offer an extended period of time without having to fuss with hair removal. Because laser therapy destroys the hair follicle and roots, it doesn’t grow back for several weeks to a month. In addition to that, a laser treatment only takes about an hour, depending on how large of an area. For just a small patch of hair on the chin, it may take less than ten minutes whereas the legs will take at least an hour.


What About Lasers For Home Use?

Personal lasers sold for home use are not the same as professional lasers used in clinics. The home use lasers are weaker in order to make them safe for the average user. Cosmetic hair removal lasers require special training in order to use them in order to understand how to operate them safely. The cost is also significantly higher for a used cosmetic laser than for a brand new personal use laser.


How Many Laser Treatments Are Needed?

Whether you need just one treatment or five or more laser treatments will depend on what results you are looking to achieve. If you want to prepare for the beach for one month, then only one treatment will be necessary. However, if you are looking to remove undesirable hair on a more permanent basis, it will take about five treatments, each about a month apart, with a follow up session once a year. This will be the most effective method to reduce hair growth.


How Expensive Are Laser Treatments?

The cost of a laser procedure varies from clinic to clinic. While it may seem more expensive than shaving or waxing at home, it really isn’t. When you tally up the cost of razors, shaving cream, band aids, and so on from removing unwanted hair at home over the coarse of years, it becomes a staggering amount. The amount of time spent doing it yourself will shock you. Then look at the cost of a few laser treatments and you will be surprised to discover it’s worth it.

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