Hair Shadows: A Way to Try on a New Hair Color

Hair Shadows

Hair Shadows

Hair Shadows are a fun way to spice up your look

Would you like to try on a new hair color but afraid to commit? Do you feel daring enough to experiment but worried about damage? Are you seeking a temporary change of color or look without the long term damage to your locks? You might be interested to hear about the newest temporary hair color craze in the market – hair shadows. Yes, you have probably heard about hair chalk before, but this one is another option to add into your list, in case you are feeling creative and a little bit daring with your hair!

Hair shadows are a temporary color for hair that allows you to experiment with different hues if bleach isn’t right up your alley. It is an effective way to change up your look for that hippie vibe minus the long lasting effects of most color and chemical treatments.

What’s in a Hair Shadow?

There are quite a few brands in the market that are already offering hair shadows for those seeking a quick way to change their hair color. Feel free to choose a brand that you trust or prefer. However, most hair shadow formulas are formulated without parabens and sulfates, so there is really no reason to worry about the health of your hair in the long run (especially if you like to use hair shadows for special occasions or events).

Most colors featured in hair shadow products are vibrant in color for more pop. It comes in powder form for ease of application – in fact, you can style it on-the-go, which is great when you are traveling. Most hair shadows come in eye-catching shades for a truly vibrant temporary hair color.

Hair Shadows

How to Apply

Once you have your hair shadow on hand, everything else should come easy. This product is very easy to apply and you should have no trouble using it even if it’s your first time to do so. Here is a step by step guide for you:

1. Gather a small section of your hair.

2. Take out the hair shadow and rub the product one section at a time.

3. Seal in the color using a flat or curling iron (whichever styling you prefer).

4. If you want to get a bolder color, rub the hair more than once. If you are seeking out a pastel look, brush out the color off hair after application.

5. If you are feeling a little bit more experimental, try using different colors for a multi-colored look!

6. The color will stay in your hair for a few days. However, if you intend to use it only in one occasion, then you can simply remove it with shampoo.

Do’s and Don’ts

DO follow instructions thoroughly. Using hair shadows might be very easy but you still need to read the instructions on the label to ensure that you don’t end up looking like a clown. Different brands have different formulas that you need to work with.

DO start on the tips if it’s your first time and still a bit skeptical. When you have more experience with the use of hair shadows, then you can explore on streaks and highlights.

DO use a hairspray once you are satisfied with the color.

DO NOT brush hair after using hair shadow, unless you are going for a pastel look. This will cause the color to fade off rather than having a vibrant color that is what hair shadows are for.

DO NOT touch hair before applying hairspray. Or else, you will have to repeat the process all over again.

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