Hair Straightening: Here are your Options

Side by Side Before and After of Curly Hair Straightening

Side by Side Before and After of Curly Hair Straightening

Which Straighteners are Best? . . . Here is what you need to know

Women and men are always looking for ways to update their appearance, their style and at times even their personalities; ergo the desire for straightening naturally curly hair. Some think their face shape might be better suited to straight hair or that straight hair is more manageable and simply more  modern.

To get streamlined, sleek, hair and to get rid of the frizz, you may temporarily straighten hair for a few days. Here are some methods of temporary hair straightening for a special occasion.

Hot Irons and Hot Combs

There are many hair styling tools on the market that promise a sleeker, smoother hair texture by heating the hair and styling it in the way that you want. There are ceramic flat irons, pressing combs, straightening combs, hair tongs and a plethora of other devices that use heat to relax the hair temporarily to get straight hair. Those of you with unruly or frizzy hair can benefit most.

Straightening Shampoos and Conditioners

Hair products such as straightening serums, gels, shampoos and conditioners can also temporarily relax and straighten hair. They can be specially formulated so that your straightening iron will give you the best and long-lasting results.

The above options will work to keep the hair straight and smooth only until your next shampoo or until the time that it rains or the weather gets very humid. For permanently altering the structure of the hair and making it poker straight, the following processes are used; these give permanent or slightly longer term results.

Keratin or Brazilian Hair Straightening

These treatments go by many names such as, Brazilian keratin treatment and Coppola keratin straightening. These straightening treatments basically uses keratin (the protein component of our nails and hair) to smooth the hair. This is a procedure that reconditions hair in a way that effectively permits it to be ironed straight and flat. This is not a permanent straightening method because it doesn’t chemically alter the structure of the hair but it does last  longer than the above temporary methods.  You could have straight hair for 2 to 4 months with these hair straightening treatments.  This is a long and time-consuming process which on average costs $300.00 and up. But these are effective methods and are even suitable for damaged hair.

Japanese Hair Straightening

This is a complex process that uses chemicals, flat irons and heat to alter the hair texture and make it straight. The hair is washed and rinsed, and then a solution is applied to the hair, and once again rinsed out. The hair is then flat ironed into perfect smoothness using a heated iron.

The Japanese hair straightening methods that use chemicals for permanent straightening, such as re-bonding, tend to damage and dry out the hair, so that it needs special treatment and lots of tender loving care. Also the awkward stage of the hair growing out when the old hair will appear straight and the new growth will still be curly.

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