Hair Tips – Top 4 Problem Solvers

Blow Drying Hair

Long Hair Swishing Water

Hair Tips When There’s no Time to Shampoo!

On second or even third day hair, try a water free cleanser. It seems that every new hair style product brand is jumping on the band wagon and creating its own dry shampoo product. I can remember when my only choices were Klorane (which I still use) and Bumble and Bumble (I was a big fan of this one too). Klorane is a spray-in dry shampoo and Bumble and Bumble was a powder that came in a variety of colors. Now many hair style brands, such as Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo, TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo and Shuga Complex offer dry shampoos.

Hair Tips for Flat Hair

If your hair is short, medium or long and flattens out by midday, avoid heavy conditioners and shampoo with a volumizing product. Try one of the many root lifters and rough dry your hair upside down with fingers till mostly dry. Also try adding a volumizing mousse which might help otherwise limp locks.

Use a hair dryer by directing heat at the roots with a concentrating nozzle attachment and use a brush to create a strong foundation. If your hair is long, wrap it into an updo and lightly mist on hair spray; when you let it down voila! . . . instant volume.

Hair Tips to Rid Hair Static!

The cause of hair static is dry air and dry hair and it can wreak havoc on an otherwise great hair style. There is the old stand-by remedy, the anti-static dryer sheets. They are easy to use, just swipe over your hair and they are easy to carry with you.

Hair spray misted onto your brush helps to tame fly-away hair static too. Or, try a dab of leave in conditioner on dry hair to moisturize and weigh down fly away ends.  If you’re in a pinch, rub a small bit of hand lotion in hands and touch lightly over your ends . . . most moisturizing lotions have similar ingredients to hair conditioners says Paula Begoune, author of “Don’t go Shopping for Hair Care Products Without Me.”

Keep hair static down by letting your hair air-dry as much as possible. Adding hair styling balms or oils to the hair, my favorites; Macadamia Deep Conditioner and Moroccan Oil, are another way to add mush needed moisture and control annoying hair static.

Hair Tips for Fighting Frizz

We’ve come a long way in learning how to deal with frizzy hair. Basically the answer comes down to using the best hair products, hair styling techniques and by enhancing your curl rather than fighting the natural texture of your hair.

Start by using shampoos and conditioners specified for your hair type that contain smoothing agents. Ouidad, is a top name brand in the industry that is specifically formulated for curly hair and hair that is prone to frizz.

Try a reputable over-the-counter frizz fighter like John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Thermal Protection Serum. These products contain silicones that lie on top of the hair shaft to seal the cuticle and protect it from heat.

Try adding pomade from roots to ends, comb through and let hair air dry or use a diffuser so not to disturb the natural curl. Carry a small frizz-control product like John Frieda’s Frizz Ease, in your purse for extra control throughout the day.


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