Hair Trends We Wish Would Just Go Away

Blonde hair dark roots


Just say No! to These Hair Trends

Time to say bye-bye to these hairstyles, bangs and hair colors . . . don’t you think?

Fake-looking color jobs

We love when women get their hair colored and it looks beautiful and — more importantly, natural. But plenty of women (like Kristen Stewart, pictured above) who want to try out a darker hair color end up looking like they’re wearing wigs.

Here’s some advice, ladies: if you want to experiment with hair color, don’t go more than a two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. And definitely don’t dye your hair all one shade — natural hair color has variations, so should yours.

Jennifer Garner side swept bangs on red carpet

Sloppy bangs

When Zooey Deschanel had those perfect, adorable bangs in (500) Days of Summer, she set off a trend that would spread to women across the country. The truth is that many women just don’t have the facial structure to pull off dramatic blunt bangs, but what’s worse is when women get bangs and don’t take the time to care of them, leaving something that resembles a style but ends up a sloppy mess instead.

Wearing your bangs a little messy is definitely a carefree, sexy look — Jennifer Garner pulls it off perfectly with her side-swept bangs in the photo above, but when it’s more frizz and less “free spirit,” we can’t help but shake our heads. Bangs are a time investment, and if you’re not willing to take some time to keep them trimmed and styled, don’t get them!

Fergie bad center part hair trend

Bad center parts

Oh, the hair part;  it’s tough to find one that works, but the same hair part surely doesn’t work on everyone. But for a lot of women, there’s one definite “don’t” and that is the center part. The problem with the center part is that it draws your eye straight down the middle of your face, accenting your nose and splitting your face in half. If you have a round face shape or square face shape, it will accentuate that making your face appear more round or more square. I think in general, women with heart or diamond face shapes can pull this off, but for most of us . . .  it’s best to steer clear.


Mary Kate Olson bad hair trend dark roots center part

The literally just rolled out of bed head look

Effortless hairstyles, like side buns, low ponytails and loose braids are chic and sweet, but some women take “casual” to a whole new level. I’m talking about the ones who look like they hit the snooze button a few more times than they should have.

Even if you’re running late, running a brush through your hair or putting it up with a pretty clip, may keep coworkers from thinking you just stepped out of a Ke$ha music video. Come on, Mary-Kate, even Ashley tries to make some effort a little more often. Which leads us to our next bad hair trend . . .

Blonde hair dark roots

Blonde hair, dark roots

How did Michelle from “Full House” fall victim to the trap of bad, mismatched roots? I’m a big supporter of celebrating your natural hair color, but preferably more than just the top of your head will be showing it. It’s hard to embrace this look when it just appears to be’ grown out roots’ you’ve ignored. A much better alternative to letting your natural hair color grow in is to match it and gradually foil it in as low lights.

No matter what hair trends are stirring up, the most important thing to remember is to wear your hair the way it looks best on YOU. The best hairstyles are the ones that help you look like your natural, best self! Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by  following  our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.