How to Hair Tutorial: The Pretty Ponytail

Pretty Ponytail

Pretty Ponytail

The Irresistible Pretty Ponytail

There are plenty of creative hairstyles that you can try and experiment with for your hair. However, there is nothing more chic, sophisticated, and consistently flattering as a ponytail. The hairstyle is relatively easy to do but always gives off an effortless style vibe to your entire aura. It is also easy to transition a ponytail from a polished to a casual look.

But due to the advent of braids and other stylistic hair styling techniques, ponytails had been earned a bad rap. Most women refer to it as an afterthought hairstyle, or for styling on-the-go when you have no time and you simply cannot put your hair down. Read on to find out how you can create a pretty ponytail that will make you look chic and effortlessly stylish.

Pretty Ponytail

Work with Second Day Hair

Dirty hair facilitates easier styling.That is a fact. Hence, it is preferable to work with unwashed hair, also known as second day hair.This is a must for styling updos or curls because the base is more stable and enables the hair to hold its style for longer.

Apply a small amount of styling gel onto the hair to keep the strands well behaved and to avoid frizz. If you washed hair, then you can opt to use a dry shampoo or thickening spray to give more texture into the strands. Make sure to apply on damp hair to allow the product to be absorbed effectively by the strands. Never use hair serum, though, as it will be difficult to work on. Wait a few minutes for the product to be absorbed before you begin blow drying. You can also use a straightening iron in order to straighten the strands before you put it into an updo.


Find the Right Spot

When you have finished the prep work on the hair, the next most important consideration for creating a pretty ponytail is the location. There are several variants to the placement of ponytail and each one offers a completely different kind of look.

In order to make the ponytail work for you, it is important to identify the least favorite features of your face. This will allow you to strategically position the ponytail so it will expose and flaunt your best features. To give you an idea, low ponytails give more accentuate to your neck and jawline. Meanwhile, positioning your ponytail across the ear will highlight this part of your face. Putting your ponytail right up to the crown, though, can elongate the appearance of your torso to make you look several years younger.

Pretty Ponytail

If you have fine hair and the tail does not look as vibrant as you would want, you can try using add-in extensions. This will automatically add volume to your ponytail, making it look prettier.

Brush Them in Place

Pretty Ponytail

Brush your hair so you can gather them into a ponytail. When you do this, however, refrain from flipping your head over. It makes it difficult to center the ponytail. You can use a paddle brush instead and secure the hair with an elastic band once you are satisfied with the parting. It is important to stress the use of elastic bands so it does not cause too much friction when you tie hair up.

A good trick to use is to spray a small amount of hairspray onto the brush. This will help to sort out any strands that attempt to misbehave as you are brushing them.

Choose Your Kind of Ponytail

Aside from the placement of the ponytail, the two main classifications of ponytails are the sleek and the volumized ponytail. Whichever you choose of the two will create a completely different look from the other.

Pretty Ponytail

If you want a sleek ponytail, use a styling cream or gel onto damp hair. Form your hair into a ponytail and then blow dry it. Make sure to use low heat setting.

If you want to add some volume to your ponytail, make sure to tease hair at the crown. Brushing hair that has been teased at the crown will tame the base of hair while maintaining its volume. This is also a great hairstyle if you want to elongate the shape of your face.

Are you a fan of ponytails?

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