13 Haircuts for Fine Hair that Add Body

Julianne Hough with a Wavy, razored bob

See how easily you can add fullness and body with these hair cuts for fine hair!

Healthy fine hair typically has a smooth, soft and silky texture with lots of shine and it’s often the envy of those who don’t have it. But the meaning of “fine” and “thin” are often misconstrued when it comes to describing hair. “Thin” describes the amount of hair follicles per square inch as in thin, medium or thick hair, and “fine” describes the texture or the makeup of the hair. The diameter of a strand of “fine” hair is smaller than that of a strand of thick, coarse hair. However, you can have “fine” hair texture and a lot of it per square inch, which means you have thick hair that is fine textured.
Nevertheless, those with fine hair don’t always see it as such a blessing and often want to know how to make their fine strands appear fuller, and how to make their hair styles last longer. So what’s the secret? The basis of any great hairstyle is in the cut, so first find a hairstylist who is skilled in doing haircuts for fine hair, and then learn some tried-and-true hair styling techniques for your hair type.


The Short Crop Haircut,  Haircuts for Fine Hair

Short Crop Cut

Jennifer Lawrence’s fine hair gets a boost with a short crop haircut accompanied with full layers. Side swept bangs and long layers give this cut fullness, perfect for fine hair. This style suits all face shapes.

  • Apply a volumizing mousse or root lifter to damp, clean hair.
  • Blow-dry forward on top using a round brush, directing heat at the roots as you lift hair up and out.
  • Create a deep side faux-part for extra lift on top.
  • Spritz with a light finishing spray.



Long haircut with face framing layers-Haircuts for Fine Hair

Long with Face Framing Layers

Achieving a chic, long layered haircut with fine hair is a delicate matter. The key to a stunning look starts with healthy hair. Keep hair in impeccable shape and avoid breakage with a healthy hair care regime. Layers are sliced in around the face only, that way the hair will softly frame the face and not take weight away from the rest of the hair. Highlights cause the diameter of the hair shaft to swell, making it look and feel fuller while adding dimensional color. This long layered haircut suits oval, heart, round and square faces.

  • Use a minimal amount of hydrating oil on clean, damp hair. I absolutely love, Macadamia Healing Oil Spray. It adds moisture, shine and elasticity to fine hair and won’t weigh it down.
  • Gently blow-dry using a paddle brush for a smooth finish.


The Softened Bob Haircut-Haircuts for Fine Hair

Simply Softened Bob

Bob’s of all types are perfect haircuts for fine hair. This classic bob is softened with layers that are chipped in around the face. Highlights add fullness and dimension to this cut. This haircut suits all face shapes.

  • Spray a thermal protector like, Scruples Hypershine Repair Spray, onto damp hair.
  • Blow-dry smooth using a paddle brush or a big round brush.
  • Use a small amount of finishing spray on your fingertips, to define jagged, face framing points.


Carey Mulligan’s full fringe style-Haircuts for Fine Hair

Short n’ Chic

Carey Mulligan’s full fringe style is a bit longer than the average crop cut, and a bit shorter than the typical bob hairstyle. Nonetheless, this slightly mussed do’ doesn’t cross the line to where it would be called disheveled, but it’s rather chic and just about perfect for any occasion. This look is best on oval and heart shaped faces, but will work for all.

  • This hairstyle doesn’t require fussing. Simply apply your favorite product and quick dry it using your fingers or a round brush.
  • Direct top layers forward with a deep faux side part, tucking some strands behind your ears.


Layered Haircut with Texturized Ends-Haircuts for Fine Hair

Simply Adorable!

I love this haircut for fine hair! It’s simple and classic. Layers with textured ends allows fine hair fullness at this length. This cut is timeless and it suits all face shapes!

  • Apply a volumizing mousse or a root lifter like, TIGI’s Catwalk Your Highness, Root Boost Spray, to clean, damp hair.
  • Create lift by applying heat at the roots while blow-drying hair straight up with a round or paddle brush.
  • If you want to add more texture to this look, you’ll need a product with some “stick” to it. Try a small amount of gel or pomade. Less is better than more with fine hair, but product will help change up the look of this adorable short haircut.


Julianne Hough with a Wavy, razored bob-Haircuts for Fine Hair

New Wave Bob

This sweet look features a soft razored perimeter and light layers that give Julianne Hough’s fine hair, big waves with plenty of volume and lift. This style suits all face shapes.

  • Start with your favorite volumizing product in damp, clean hair.
  • Quick dry hair upside down using your fingers to fluff the hair while directing heat at the roots.
  • Apply a thermal protectant.
  • Use a finishing hairspray to seal in your curls.


Long Straight and Fine-Haircuts for Fine Hair

Long Straight and Fine

It’s refreshing to see another example of a gorgeous long layered haircut for fine hair that defies the law. So, who says you can’t? This cut looks best on heart, oval, round and square face shapes. Oblong face shapes can appear longer.

  • Start with a product like, It’s a 10, that restores moisture, seals the cuticle for added shine, and protects the hair from heat.
  • Blow-dry smooth with a paddle brush.
  • Finish with a flat-iron for extra smoothness and shine.


Reese Witherspoon with Long Layered Haircut-Haircuts for Fine Hair

Undeniably Perfect!

Reese Witherspoon has fine hair that is thick. . . Or fine hair with a lot of it per square inch. Heavy bangs that angle at the temples, and long layers starting from just below the chin, gives this style elegance and panache! This look suits all face shapes with the exception of oblong face shapes, which can appear longer.

  • Create lift on top by applying a root lifter and blow-drying hair upside down. Direct heat at the roots while using fingers to pull the hair up from the root.
  • Use a paddle brush and blow dryer to smooth.
  • Apply a heat protector and finish with a flat-iron to smooth and tip ends slightly under.


Texturized Bob Haircut-Haircuts for Fine Hair

Texturized Bob

A razor cut gives this layered bob lots of texture with the illusion of added thickness, and highlights add extra dimension and weight to the hair. This one is easy to style and flatters all face shapes.

  • Start with a volumizing mousse or any favorite volumizing product.
  • Blow-dry upside down using your fingers and directing heat at the roots as you lift them from the scalp.
  • Finish lightly with a flat-iron, smoothing bangs and tipping ends.
  • Spritz with a texturizing spray and ruffle with fingers for a soft, carefree look.


Big Soft Curls-Haircuts for Fine Hair

Big Soft Curls

Curling your hair makes it appear bigger and fuller. This bob haircut has lightly textured ends. A curling wand easily allows ends to flip out and look undone.

  • Start with a volumizing mousse in damp hair.
  • Blow-dry hair upside down till mostly dry, then flip up and finish drying with a round brush for maximum body.
  • Spritz hair with a texturizing spray before wrapping vertical sections on a medium size curling wand or a 1” curling iron. Avoid curling the ends for a choppy finish.
  • Lightly pull through cooled curls with fingers and give it a mist of finishing spray for hold.


Choppy Shag Haircut

Modern Choppy Shag

This edgy mid-length shag cut for fine hair is perfection! A piecey fringe and choppy edging gives added interest and texture to fine hair.

  • To encourage lift, start with a lightweight mousse or root lifter.
  • Rough-dry upside down, using your fingers as a brush.
  • Flip-up and dry smooth with a large round brush, creating lift at the roots.
  • Use a flat-iron to smooth or flip ends.
  • Apply a small amount of pomade or gel at the tips for more definition.


Jewel Big Loose Waves-Haircuts for Fine Hair

Big Loose Waves

Fine hair with big waves is a favorite look this year. The blunt perimeter creates a fuller look while all over layers produce lift and movement.

  • Use a volumizing product and blow-dry with a round brush.
  • Wrap sections around a 1” curling iron; alternate curl direction for more fullness and texture.


Fine hair is sensitive and it looks its best when it’s not overdone. Keep it healthy and avoid going overboard with too much product, or by trying to styling it to perfection. Casual, effortless hair that’s shiny and moves . . . is perfection!