Hairstyles That Celebs With Heart Shaped Faces Are Wearing

Tyra Banks Long Hairstyle with full bangs with caramel high lights

Hair Styles for Heart Shaped Faces

Andrea Asks:

I am looking for ideas on haircuts for heart-shaped faces. I have medium thick, wavy hair that is all one length. It get’s overpowering and I’m really ready to do something different but, I like it long and I’m afraid to cut it. I’m willing to do different styling methods but I need some ideas that will work for heart-shaped faces. What should I do with my hair?


I think it’s cool that it’s become general knowledge that what’s becoming on a round face shape may not flatter a woman with a heart face.  A perfect oval face shape may be able to pull off almost any different hairstyle or length, but a soft-featured, round face may look best in longer hair.

You have an easy dilemma to fix!  With the right layering and other creative thinning techniques, thick hair can be coaxed into some great hairdos that others will be envious of!  The most important decision for you will be to get some good recommendations and find a good hairdresser. That is what you need most! But also read up on what to try to what to avoid to find the right hair for your face shape.

A heart face shape ranks on top with oval faces, in our culture, for the most desirable and pleasing face shapes to have!  If you doubt that . . . a quick look through celebrity hot lists will confirm it, or check out what was voted the new, best face of Hollywood!

New York Magazine Cover Madonna's as the perfect face shape

And next, you have voluminous hair . . . we can work with that!

Meanwhile, here are some images of haircuts for heart shape faces to consider.  Tyra Bank’s heart  face has made her millions and is a classic! These haircuts show that with the right layering and haircut she can go big and curly, flat and sexy, or soft and smooth!

Tyra Banks Hairstyle with big soft curls

Tyra Banks with a side swept ponytail hairstyle

Tyra Banks in Medium Length Hairstyle, soft waves, Copper Hair Color

Tyra Bank with Big Hair look with soft loose curls

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