4 Must Have Hairstyle Changes

Hairstyle Change

Great Ideas When it Comes Time for a Hairstyle Change

Changing up your hair is something many women don’t do often enough. A simple hairstyle change can affect your mood, performance and of course your looks. If you’ve been too long with your existing hairstyle and are looking for a change here are some safe bets of great everyday looks.


Ponytails have universal acclaim. They can be worn for morning runs and can even be maintained for dinner dates. They go well with short hair which is around shoulder length as well as with long and layered hair. There is no reason to constantly adjust such a hairstyle and it does not require salon treatment. Making waves in the current stream of trends is the side ponytail. It is slightly more demure and softer than the average ponytail and is considered more attractive than it too.

Hairstyle Change

The Pixie

Made famous by celebrities such as Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, Halle Berry and the eternal beauty of Audrey Hepburn, the pixie is an excellent choice for very short hair. Traditionally, the hairstyle was meant for all round short hair but the modern variants reflect the passage of time and the changes that the times have inflicted on hairstyles. It works best on women who have thick and naturally wavy hair. The pixie does not work well with straight hair as the hair is without body or volume and may require a lot of product to make it seem fashionable. Women with heart shaped, square or oval faces will find the pixie suiting their features and in fact, the hair style adds an alternative character and styled by professional hair scissors, these hair styles can create quite an impression.

Hairstyle Change

The Pompadour

The girl Mohawk, the pompadour, the quaff or the faux hawk, call it what you may, but this is fast emerging as the most trend setting hairstyle in the current fashion circles. Miley Cyrus and Pink famously sport buzz cut hairstyles which add an unusual character of freedom and self expression. There is no set facial structure to which the hairstyle is suited to and it can be pulled off by anyone who has the courage to bear the stares that those with such hairstyles but the style does work better on coarse and thick hair. Fine hair would require a lot of styling product and typical hair scissors for professional usage only can create a funky look which is unique and individual and unlike any other.

Hairstyle Changes

The Demi Bob

This has been around for a while and it’s still not getting old. According to Vogue magazine, the demi bob was named as a well loved hair style which has survived the years without many changes. The longer bob can be bland and blunt and layers should be added in the back to add dimension. Fringes and bangs can be added to achieve a retro-70s feel. Professional stylists thin out the hair with scissors or razors. It can be left mussed up and blow dried or flipped out 60s style.