Looking for a Hairstyle Change? Here’s What Not to Do!

Getting a Haircut

Have the Courage to Ask for Clarification from Your Hairdresser!

Sara shares with us some wisdom . . .  learned the hard way, about getting your next hairstyle change! Her tips are ‘right spot on,’ as many of you can probably attest to. I can remember doing something strikingly similar myself, before becoming a hairdresser. It’s easy to do! This mistake women make when deciding on a new hairstyle is universal, maybe even a cultural thing. Pass these tips along to your girlfriends . . . it could save many hair disasters!

Mistakes I’ve Made by Sara Cornell

About 6 weeks after I had given birth to my first child I felt it was time for a little sprucing up, so I booked an appointment for a haircut at a fancy hair salon with a super chic, super cool hairstylist. My intention going in was to have a little me time, and perhaps I secretly hoped that a haircut would return me to the self I had known before having a baby.

During a very brief conversation with this super cool, super chic hairstylist (who had no body fat and totally flat stomach, by the way…) she asked me if I liked Meg Ryan’s new choppy, short crop haircut. Too embarrassed to admit that I was so out of touch with Pop Culture that I had no idea what Meg Ryan’s new choppy haircut looked like, I said something like “Oh, ya, I think it’s really cute…”  She exclaimed that Meg Ryan’s new short crop haircut would look FABULOUS on me and that it would really accentuate my cheekbones. (I started feeling vaguely like my old fabulous self here…) so she set about washing and cutting my hair.

Hairdresser looking sternly a client who wants a hairstyle change

BIG MISTAKE . . . In a flash – gone were my long tresses – the ones that were super easy to slick back in a pony tail and hide the fact that I was too busy with a newborn to actually wash, let alone style my hair. Instead I had short choppy layers that required more time to style and didn’t actually accentuate my cheekbones at all. I remember leaving the salon in tears, thinking that my life was completely ruined because not only did I have a flabby post-baby body, but now I had a terrible haircut as well!

The moral of this story is:

1.  Don’t make a drastic hairstyle change just after you have had a drastic lifestyle change. This includes having a baby, getting married or divorced, losing your job . . . take comfort in the familiar look of you, until things settle down in your life.

2.  Communicate with your hairstylist. This is a huge mistake women make! It’s YOUR hair, you will have to live with it.  Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to tell your hairdresser that you don’t know what they are talking about or that you’re uncomfortable with their ideas.

3.  If you decide to make a significant hairstyle change, think about how it will fit into your lifestyle and beauty routine.  If you only have 15 minutes in the morning to get it together, a hair style that requires too much blow drying, curling or straightening, probably isn’t right for you, unless of course you don’t mind styling it the night before. If you keep your hairstyle in sync with your lifestyle, you’ll be much happier.

Have you experienced a major hair cut blunder?  Leave us your story and let us know… what NOT to do!