8 Cute and Simple Hairstyles for Back to School Days or Any Days!

Daneel Harris in a perfect hairstyle for back to school the side ponytail


Short hair, medium length hair, or long hair . . . keep it simple and cute with hairstyles for back to school!

Wow, can you believe summer is wrapping up and it’s time to start thinking about back to school hairstyles?  While you are getting your new books and study supplies ready, you’re probably thinking about your fall wardrobe and all the trends that are happening this season. Well, don’t forget about what’s trending for back to school hairstyles either!  Whether you’re in high school, college or even graduate school, there are a number of quick and easy hairstyles that you may want to consider this academic year that will pull your look together in a flash!

Daneel Harris in a perfect hairstyle for back to school the side ponytail
Elizabeth Olsen long boho side braid hairstyle for back to school

Unless you’re wallowing in tons of free time, your main hairstyle concern is probably how fast can you look great and still make that 8:00 a.m class? If your hair is long-ish, ponytails and braids rule the day! The side ponytail or a loose side braid are probably two of the quickest and easiest, fashionable solutions to hectic mornings and busy schedules. Take a cue from Daneel Harris and Elizabeth Olsen, both look chic and comfortable with these side swept hairstyles.

Kate Hudson long tousled wavy hairstyle for back to school

Add quick, easy, beachy waves and volume to long hair by braiding your hair while it’s damp. Or, you can just as easily wrap your damp hair into a bun. Leave the braid or bun in while you are working on a late night paper, then sleep in the braid and in the morning finger comb your hair for thick waves. Styling your hair this way also looks great pulled back in a ponytail, creating a cascade of waves in the back.

Reese Witherspoon perfect high ponytail hairstyle for back to school

Speaking of ponytails, you can’t under-estimate the value of the pony on these hurried back to school days. Less can be more too . . . save the elaborate ponies for after-school-activities. For everyday school wear, the style of these ponytails like Reese and Jennifer’s are perfect. Backcomb the crown, smooth over and brush hair cleanly on the sides into a ponytail. Smooth sides with a touch of shine drops or gel and make sure to style your bangs. These ponytails are casual cute, quick, easy and in-style . . . so get em’ while the gettin’s is good!

Bold headbands hairstyles for back to school

Headbands bright colored cloth

Rocking a headband or other bold hair accessory is always a smart style choice for back to school hairstyles. Hairbands serve double duty, keeping your hair out of your face so you can focus on your books, and adding a splash of color or style to tie an outfit together. Bright colors and tribal prints are hot for fall, so look for bands that have some heft to them, and save the delicate hairbands for special night outs.

Emma Watson short pixie haircut gold accessory

If your hair is short, you can still use accessories to dress or change up your hairstyle, but keep the clips and bands in proportion to the length of your hair. Super short pixie cuts look great on faces with delicate features, but don’t overwhelm your face or your hair with too heavy or big accessories. Emma Watson always seems to get it right with her short hairstyle!

Agyness Deyn short hairstyle crop cut platinum white

Short hairstyles are great back to school options, especially if you have wash and wear hair.  A great cut with a bit of mousse or styling gel, left to air dry will save you hours in getting-ready time that can be used to up your grade point average! Tryan adorable, short crop haircut like Agyness Deyns, with longer pieces in the front and on top to give you that certain, “Je ne sais quoi,”. . . and the length will give you added styling options. Or, change your hair color, even if it’s  just adding  a few bright highlights of color around your face, it will be a new look and a new style statement!

Whatever hairstyle you choose, keep things simple for back to school. Your schedule is probably busy enough, without having to worry about how your hairstyle is holding up to your demanding day.